Thursday, September 7, 2017

New insights how to do it and the two stories.

Just left my last guest from Live at Heart on the airport. And back again to continue to blog.

This is the great part of being at a festival and a conference, you meet so many new good people and get insights to so many new things. That is the driving force in my blog so I have a lot of posts to share over the next few days.

I did some really great jobs during the festival as well. We booked to showcases around the world and got new tours for several of my bands. Also the knowledge of backstabbing that this business is very famous for.

I'm very good friends with most of the speakers that get into Live at Heart and many artists, managers and other invite them to their gigs. Usually, though these stories you should not scream that you have done a deal.

One of the artists sought me up totally overexcited. One of my guests had been down to their gig and seen them. After the gig, they managed to get a short talk to the guest and had a fantastic conversation where they got suggestions and some good advice. Now they were certain that it was a done deal.

Later I was driving my guest to the airport and had to ask about the artist. My guest just sighed and said that the artist was miles from finished. In reality, the guest was not impressed at all. Of course, the questions the artists had was answered but also put in a way so they had a lot of things to work with.

Totally two stories!

And that is the thing. You really don't tell anyone that they suck in their face. Opportunities that are in front of you on the festival. It can happen but it can also be a case where they never reply your emails and calls.

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