Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Look what you have.

Sometimes it's easier to work with an artist that has been on a company that didn't deliver. Signing a new artist that really doesn't know what to expect is much harder. They build up fantasies around what you should be able to carry out for them. Also all the time the grass is much greener on the other side.

One such case was a group that I know who was giving out on a smaller indie compnay. the company did a  great job witrh them,. But what did they have to compare too? One day a really big manager came by and loved the band. They get signed with the manager. His point was to get them to a bigger company and spread the music.

In my eyes, they were not that commercial to even do that. They were more likely to have a good time on this indie company.

Well, the manager found a small thing in the contract and used it in the worst way to get the artist from this indie label. Of course, this was done with the concent of the band so no blame on the manager.

Then they signed with a big label, released an album that really went nowhere. Then teh big label was not that intrested in them and they still had an option. Less and fewer opportunities came in and the manager also grew tired of them. In the end, nothing relaly was going on and they fired the manger.

After that, they went back to teh indie label and tried to get them to release their latest album. Ot course the label was pissed and just told them to get fuck out of there. The band in the end now has no outlet and really not exist that much.

Sure the grass looked greener but in reality, it was a dead end. Same time they took a chance and lost it. I can't say it was a bad decision but I would have done some things in a safer way.

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