Friday, September 22, 2017

Fake it to you make it

You can usually see this line "Fake to you make it" and it's the truth. Okay, sometimes it feels wrong to blow things up more than it is. Still, you compete with others that blow smaller things up much more. In the whole competition that is the rule and all the people that read this messages takes things off so if you don't boost it well then they take off their percentage of the not boosted part.

It usually better if someone boost it for you. This is also true. One A&R told me not long ago. Yes it's good to know people but it's even better if they know you. What she means is that if I tell you I know someone and you ask that person around it and they answer - ohh yes I know Peter very well.
That is worth much. So yes if someone else tells is better. But in many cases that is not gonna happen so you have to do it yourself.

One person told me what the limit is when it goes from boosting to a pure lie.
- Well if you sit and eat ion a plane going over Washington, you are having dinner with the president. All after that is lying.

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