Wednesday, May 20, 2020

You must love the fools

Right now I get up to ten friends adds on Facebook each day. No, I don't count the girls with fewer clothes that always are alone home and need a male companion. Those are just listening to bad Britney pop and has a bad music taste my girlfriend tells so I erase those. I don't want people with bad music taste in my feed. The ones that are adding me are real people. It's not that I'm popular either. I guess I'm listed somewhere.

Anyway, part of these is what I call drive-by shooters. People that just add you and then five minutes later send you a song to listen to. Just reminded me of that I got one of those girls with fewer clothes playing ukelele the other day, oh well back to the subject, they send you a song but never tell you what to do with it. Okay, listen to it but what then? I have never encountered that any of them has been any good.

Then you have the ones that actually tell you what to do with the song. And sometimes it's hilarious conversations you have with them. At the same time, this is why you have professional people talking to radio as the PR person, the record label as the manger. The risk to do it by yourself is that you blew the opportunity by just open your mouth. This one came into my Cashbox radio facebook account today.

"Hi Cashpoint Radio, we’re like you, we’re also sick of corporate radio, we want radio how it used to be, so if you fancy a listen to our debut album ‘The Noise is Beautiful’ by my new band Tinkers Lane then the links are below, if you’d like the MP3’s then I’d be pleased to send them to you, just let me know. Stay safe and well
Links to
Appel/Itunes "

Sending links to sites where I have to pay for the music doesn't really attract me. My guess that I would go out of business in just one month to buy strange songs that not fit the station is overwhelming. The thing I love the most is that it's to "Cashpoint Radio". Still, I admire that he needed to get into the station to get our brand " How radio used to be" to be able to write that. he made a real effort. In a way, it's just writing slip. To help along I sent back

"Thank's, we actually have done a show for you. It's here and you can listen to it straight from the site. 
While you listen to that we will listen to Thinkers Bane."

To say the truth I didn't follow any of the links, Instead, I went for Youtube and found a hilarious video with rollerskating as one of their videos. The band is ok, but just because it gave me a laugh I have heard their song three times now. And started to like it, maybe I should just play that on the station anyway?

The more terrible ones are this that also got in today. Straight into my personal Facebook after adding on five minutes.

"Hi Peter, I hope you are well! My name is **** and I'm drummer of ******, alternative rock band from London/UK. I want to ask you how we can have airplay on your radio and is it possible to put our songs on daily rotation Thank you and stay safe! Link to song"

"Hello ****. Thank you for sending the song. The style is ok, but the song is not in radio format. It has a 1,12 intro is 6.06 long and are slow. That might work in playlists on Spotify but not on radio where you need quick attention. But hey feel free to send new songs when you release them."

I was, of course, trolling after a dumb answer. My guess was that he would send me another one. Of course, when I looked on the first one I quickly listened to three others they all had the same fault. The risk he had a song that fit was none. But here I took the thing that they could write a new one. I made a deal with myself to eat my girlfriends chocolate bar she left and told me not to touch, if he came back with a song that could be aired. I just felt, make my day, punk! Some normal day edge. Like just passing a fart after three days of diarrhea, normal life on the edge.

"Thanks for your message, Peter! I'll send you our debut album, 12 songs. If you like some of them for the radio I can send you mp3. A link to Spotify"

I love the fools, they really make my day, but they don't get me chocolate.

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