Thursday, May 21, 2020

Welcome to the nut jobs

I guess the desperation is going through the roof right now with the people in Corona lockdown. I usually get a nut job a week. But right now they just come from everywhere. They are the reason why most people don't answer artists. In one way they are fun, but if you are in a lot of work they are not fun to have in your inbox. So for not encourage them you just don't answer. But of course, I'm always against the grain...

So this morning I just open my social media and there they are. First, a real nut job that I just follow because she is totally in outer space. This morning she gave up to pursue that she could trademark a pink cross. Last time I checked the cross is a symbol that the guy in Rome with the funny hat has a copyright on. Seem he had it for almost 2000 years. So make it pink and illuminate it doesn't really go for a trademark. And then she saw that The Weeknd had that in the video Starboy and went off to try to sue them. What do you say, are you doing the art, or are you just in for being a querulant?

I guess she reads this so she probably will unfollow me.

Then my phone starts to light up as a x-mas tree. It's the Cashbox Instagram. Some guy is ranting on. So every line here is a new message.

- Hello there I am Indie Artist **** on Soundcloud please play my hit ******

- This song has been submitted to Donald J Trump as a potential jingle for Coca Cola advertising campaign and hopefully will be used for reading $$$ to fight the cure for Corona Virus

- I am being followed by the US House of Representatives and Smithsonian Entertainment on LinkedIN

- I am also a Candian Citizen originally from Burlington Ontario and ran my own music studio in Acton Ontario 2002 to 2017.

- I am currently remarried to a US Citizen living in Queenstown Maryland USA

-  The song addresses both Corona Virus and Coca Cola.

- I am all over social media platforms mostly USA platforms.

- I have Facebook and old LinkedIn in Canada

- I moved to USA august 2018 and remarried July 2019

- Almost through the US immigration process here

- Aka Mark of Virginia

Here I get a chance to intervene. So I reply: We play songs about Virginia like this one

But Mark doesn't really give up he keeps up his claim of fame.

- My song is about raising money for Corona virus

- I am being followed on Soundcloud by The Lazy Comic and also Eileen Carey, Jim Carey's wife or ex wife

- Jim Carey is also from Burlington Ontario

- ***** is a very catchy tuneful and everyone that hears that song loves it

Of course, now I had to hear it. I guess I'm alone on the planet to dislike it. Then I liked on all the pictures with him half-naked in leather gay outfits. It was like Tom of Finland but when reality hits in. And while doing this John keept on:

- Music Promoters from Cunningham Piano and Music are also following me on Soundcloud they are from Philadelphia

- They own the Cunningham Piano and Music Company

 Then I got a chance to answer: Good that you have so many friends. Go on to and listen, maybe someday you hear your song.

- That is awsome thank you so much!

- I've also connected with Rosie O'Donnell

Okay this is a nut job. But really I have people in the industry that are sane ( well at least they acting somewhat sane) that does this as well. Just throwing names that they claim to know through social media.

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