Thursday, March 12, 2020

I'm seeking a artist that want to break big! Round two!

Here is the next round of this, what I need to break you big. In the first episode, I took up that we need good songs. But we can get them if you can't write to them. You need to fit the team, do what we tell you and don't really question it. The money issue....and now over to the patience.

I need you to be motivated. if you are just in to be recognized in your local grocery store. We are not on the same planet. Get yourself a spot in any docu-soap. No, you need to be passionate about it. This is a lifestyle not a phase in your life. You need to wake and think about how you can get your music out there. That is not the question you should ask me. I do my job and that will get your music out. You still have to come up with things yourself. I really don't need an artist that sits on the sofa and just wait for the opportunity to just jump in from the balcony dancing around and paint themself purple screaming "I'm a great opportunity".

I need you to believe in me. Don’t be like Dory in Finding Nemo and just look anything shiny along the way. Don’t be to upset when we move along from that nice producer you liked. We are on our way to the next step just looking forward not looking back. We will have time to look back later. Yes, you need to sign a contract with me. If that scares you and you need some trial period or anything you are not up for the task, next, please!!

You don’t need to change things either. The network I have can’t be taken over by you. No, just because they are nice to you, they won’t be your friend and that you can do this by yourself. This is built on thirty years’ experience. Yes, you can take it over if you do that but then you are a manager, not an artist. Your job is just to be nice even if there are a-holes that I present you to and you don’t agree with what they say. You will be fine, I can sort the shit talk, you can’t I promise you that.

Just because I take you on this journey, I’m not your babysitter. You must fix problems. I don’t care that you don’t have a case for your guitar for the flights. You just have to fix that. No, I don’t want to beg you to fix it either. You fix it straight away. If I say we have a gig in London in a month you don’t tell me that weekend you have an anniversary with your partner and you have trouble getting out of work earlier. You just fix those things. The question is what flight I take and if we should go on some meetings while we there and if you are needed for some introductions. No, you are not in London to buy clothes, take selfies to your Instagram account, you are there to work. If you are good at it you will be able to do both, but you need to work hard.

Work hard, yes this is not the trip for the fainted hearted. I have done it before. Yes, I have been fighting with guards, been thrown out. Almost crash-landed with my flight. Been utterly sick on tour. Been on gunpoint of crazy bar owners, chased by the police. Even meet the guy with a hook of a hand on Motorheads tour bus. I have been there done that. Let’s go on the ride. And at last, no there is no free time. I even work when I travel so, should you! Are you afraid yet? …if not there is more.

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