Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Don't panic stay calm

I can't really complain we are doing pretty fine in the Covid 19 crisis. So many are suffering so much more. But I can easily see how artists are going bananas over things that are really not in help for them.

Think that you can pick up the money that you lost on live concerts by asking your fans to stream your music more. I see a lot of these posts about "support your local artist" and a link to Spotify. First of all Spotify ahs a limit on how many times you can get paid for a song streamed from one account. How many it is is a bit uncertain. before it was ten times but with the new cheating discovery, they lowered the number quite drastically. Rumour says it's three.
So it can be very contra-productive to ask fans to start playing your lastest song on Spotify.
Also what is streamed now will be paid out much later. So to calculate that you can get this money to cover your lost live show in April is wishful thinking. Besides that the streaming hasn't gone up if you look at the numbers that have been presented from the countries hottest the hardest like Italy, they remain around the same. This is more of an annoying behavior.

Stop doing streamed concerts. Sorry, it's already overdone. Even Facebook seems to have reprogrammed their algorithms to not get more spread on live streaming it looks like. I have seen quite many of these shows and they are utterly boring. To be able to do it right it will cost you a lot of money and technical stuff to do it. Try not to be a dead fish following the stream.

I also see a lot of artis5t doing crazy stuff. like playing live on an empty square.  Things that are cool to do, if they did it in normal times now they just do it because something needs to happen. Most people are in their bubble now and really don't respond that well to crazy things. This you can do in normal times. Being a smartass right now? You should do this all the times not just right now.

Update things! We got bombarded of artist that has to much time on there hands and suddenly want to fix things that have been laying around for ages. I just saw that Spotify had out that they can't verify accounts as fast as usual. Sorry, if you are lazy enough to haven't done this before. your career is not important enough. Don't then overwhelm companies that already are in a struggle with shit stuff just because you have the time.

So what can you do? Start to be creative. Time to stay at home write songs. Do new stuff. Plan what to do when things are over. Make those lyric videos that you should use later. Start to plan the new homepage. Right now is not a time to be seen or heard. that will be a perfect opportunity later but if you are going to withstand the whole wave of opportunity you need to have things prepared. Not you lost bio or stuff, new material.

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