Friday, March 20, 2020

Tired of the non artists complaining!

What really makes me cringe is when people take advantage of the disaster itself. When filming the movie Fitzcarraldo the director Werner Herzog tells in interviews later that a crew member got seriously wounded during the shoot in the jungle. The whole crew was running around and try to aid the hurt guy. The main actor Klaus Kinski though calls on Werner and when he gets to him he shows that he is hurt to by a splinter in the finger. Werner explained it later that Klaus probably felt that the limelight was not on him.

I get the same feeling when artists scream out online about their canceled shows. The funny part is that the ones that really scream out almost don't have a career and really not have much to lose. The ones that really getting struck about this are kind of quiet and then they come with some solutions with smart things like online concerts and other stuff. Yes, that is why they are successful and not the others. They solve the problem.

Sure it's not easy to lose stuff and the situation is not good. Still, the ones that really will loose on it, like the staff at the restaurant, the people in the ticket office, technicians and so on I don't see them complaining like the amateur artists that playing like a Shakespeare drama online how bad it is for them. And yes for the others it's theri real job, it actually affects them and I see so many coming up with good ideas and solutions to fight back. It's very impressive.

What's not impressive is the DIY artists. Right now it goes around a letter telling us that Spotify founders should make a fund for the artists since they got the wealth of their music. Here again, signed with a majority of non-artist. Sorry Spotify made it through around ten percent of artists on the platform. And those are not in that crisis for the moment. They probably will care more about their poor employees that they have that will lose money on their canceled tours. I really don't feel that Madonna is in any financial danger closes some dates. I feel though for the festivals, venues and the workers who should have hosted it. Those are suffering.

And maybe with time, this will change. The first to scream is the one that was really not in and barely doing it. They fall off first. And that what we see now. The other ones might start to tell their story later. Those I will listen to

It's like many years ago there was a big fire killing many young people. The days after the fire suddenly some half unknown artists started to do a song where he donated some of the percentages of the sales to the victim's family. The feeling that you got was more that he wanted to resurrect his career and make a couple of bucks out of the disaster. This kind of thing really makes me cringe.

It's like in the disaster the silent ones are the most hurt, the screaming ones are hurt, but not as bad since they are able to scream. Right now there will be people that need more help than the average DIY artist. I feel this crisis will be a divider of the ones that are just wannabees and the real artists. The real artist will adapt the other ones you find later working in government programs.

And in the end, there are more important places that are suffering during this crisis. The hospital personal are really hard-working heroes. All people that keep functions in society going, they are amazing. I just cringe around these attention wannabees. And like someone said, yes price under herer is a bit high.

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