Thursday, March 26, 2020

Keep calm, move forward.

Got another mail about a live streaming concert. Sure a good idea it's just that EVERYBODY is doing the same thing. Another problem is that most live streams I have seen are not really thought through. It's mainly from the rehearsal room and looks like you are peaking into the artist rehearsal session.

I don't think it's time to draw up new projects. Like the artist I spoke to yesterday, they were doing a new Youtube channel and was aiming also to get some placements. Projects like this will take time. A channel takes a year at least to get some recognition. same with a placement. Even if you got lucky to be placed this week, the money doesn't come around until in the autumn.

Stick to your old projects. Yes, your live shows are off. Time to write new material. Get some new photos, update all your existing social media channels. Don't go around and think someone will do things for you. Right now everybody knows as little as you do. Back to your things, where you are in control.

Stay way though from writing tunes about Corona. Already it's overdone. Yes, I know the isolation could be an inspiration and many people are going through the same as you. At the same time, this is what 90% of the artist will write about and you are already a bit tired of the Corona newsfeed. My tip-off here is to write about something completely different or be smart enough to write about it but not straight forward.

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