Monday, October 24, 2016

First rehersal!

I found this amusing post on Facebook from a friend that has a new band.

First rehearsal done with complete dynamite line up. Can just say it rocked. Now planning for record release, video shoot, and promo pictures photography. Stay tuned!

This is just so what artists thinks in most cases. The fun things is in priority. And they is easy listed up there. Also these moments you get tons of updates in social media about, look we are in the studio, look this is the backstage on the photoshoot, look this is the studio last week etc.

In this case what should be priority would be start doing songs. Well maybe they create songs. Maybe they have that but since it was a first rehearsal I doubt it. And even if they have ten songs. They need at least twenty. I guess you need the songs for a record release.

Record release? Today you put them online. Not really that sexy any longer with release party with free booze. More push off a button on the computer and then maybe a gig where you invite your friends.

Picture and video well those are useful. Problem here is you need plenty of them and I mean plenty. So you don’t plan them you just do them.

Still in part of this they should actually think of so much other stuff to plan. Get your web-addresses, hang on to your social media names. Since it was the first rehearsal I doubt they have a name. Just there.

In the end it actually should have said. First rehearsal, no planning how we should reach an audience.

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