Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sign a deal or a paper?

One of my friends band just got signed. I was reading the comments on Facebook. The comments where all like they achieved the highest goal, like the Nirvana of music industry. Okay these comments are made of friends and family. But some was from older people in the industry. People still believes that just you sign that paper you will have a great career.

At the same time I have had several meetings with other players that you need today. Many of them agrees the record labels are more a distraction and a break in the career in many cases. Don't get me wrong there is great record labels out there. But it's not the majority of them, rather if you get lucky and everything locks up with several other things they work out. In many cases they are just a sign on a paper.

 This myth is so hard to break. As hard as the myth that you get fat by eating fat food. No there is no total truth of the fat food same as the record label myth. Signing a deal dosen't really mean anything.

A Swedish journalist just quoted "you need a team, just that team doesn't need to work on a record label."

 So I hope it goes well with my friends signing. That this is the right team. Someone wrote in the comments "You really deserve this after working so hard". I rather hope for that they deserve a career after working hard. Not that they worked hard to sign a paper.

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