Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sometimes you just follow along!

It’s like putting makeup on a pig. You working with a project and the artist is just so into details that it doesn’t matter. I had once an artists that sat three days deciding what color it should be on the font. The problem was that the font in the beginning was so hard to read that you couldn’t see what it said. So the color was really no big difference.

I got emails and messages during these days with different angels to the problem. Don’t get me wrong I already from the beginning said that the font was totally wrong. But no the artist liked that font, end of conversation. At the same time during the digital age everything is written out so the font on the picture is not really a big deal, in those cases you just follow along. So whatever message that came in I was more like. Yes it’s ok. I didn’t put in any effort. Since the whole thing was kind of pointless.

And still the war in the artist brain kept ongoing. Should it be pink or blue? On the third day the artist went for pink. And until this day I had no what so ever effect or point. It didn’t get the song to be played more. It didn’t effect really anything accept a loss of three days of work on nothing. In these cases it’s better to just follow along and focus on something else.

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