Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Putting up goals, put the right ones.

Yes it has really been clear the past weeks to put down the goals on a paper (a computer document is more right). It's more to have something to measure against. We put up these goals every five years.

This round has been clearer than ever, and more detailed than ever. Much thanks to an EU project that we are a part of that really has gone in to the core of the business.

I have over the years tried to implement this on our artists and artists in general. The problem has usually not been as clear as they are right now. When you ask an artist to make a plan they go after the wrong goals. And many times I have let them do it since we didn't see what was really important in the new industry. Most plans I see contains things like:
1. In one year we have a signed record deal.
2. We have given out an album
3. We tour Europe to support the album.
4. We play midsized festivals.
5. We do a showcase in USA.

Okay goals. But it all miss the important thing, audience. And center of all it all comes down to get a record deal. If that doesn't happen? Well then it will be no album, no album no European tour. And goodbye to the midsized festivals since they need an album release.

The reality is usually that they are not ready for a deal. Maybe the songs is not there. Actually even with a deal you need a constant flow of songs. So one goal should be how many songs that should be written over the year.

And an album release might not secure the festivals or European tour. That has to do with bodies that the music can draw to a place. One goal should be to set limits of fans on their social media.
Showcase in USA, also here is many factors that breaks in. Most of all why do that? Is there a interest from there. Is it get a better network? It might be the best of the suggestions in the plan but can also be the worst.

What I see is often that the artist looks in the plan that someone else should do the work. Their work is mainly to find that person, then their work is over and the magic happens.

Right now more than ever you can do plans with goals with simple tools just relaying on getting the people that likes your art.

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