Monday, June 13, 2016

Vacation, well at least two days

Yes I had a short vacation over the weekend. Has some bigger decisions to fill out in my head. So I did a bunch of stuff that was fun like going to auctions ( yes one favourite tv serie is Antique Roadtrip). So it left me with hell a lot of work today.

So I hope to give a better video thing tomorrow I got in some rellay intresting stuff in the mail.

I usually just nagg about how artist does it wrong. Okey here is one doing it right. Got this in my mail:

Hi Peter,

It's Deborah Byrne from harmonic alt-pop duo Hvmmingbyrd. It was great to meet you last week in YouBloom - thanks for sharing your time and insight with me. I've been thinking a lot since you said how important our story is - we hope to come up with something more interesting soon!

I thought I'd follow up by sending you some of our music if you were interested in hearing it:

Upcoming single 'If Love Was Enough' (unreleased for now so not for public sharing):  ****taken off *****
Live video a Madonna/Massive Attack mash up:
Track from debut album 'Honeymoon':
Recent single 'Out of My Head':

Hope you had good travels on to your next exotic destination! I applied for Live at Heart so maybe we'll meet in Sweden some day :)

Kind regards,


This is so perfect it's not to long, she reminds me where we meet (I remember her, she had some really intresting stories, and was very proffessional, still I do several conventions so it's sometimes good to remind me).
Here links is good. And go a head the band has really great sound a really good hidden gem. Sadly I never saw them live during Youbloom.
All info is here like phone.

Yes I actually took my time to get through these links, and she got my ears. You really don't need more then this,

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