Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tracks and make noise in the industry

I got this letter from a band witch I will go through in my Vlog. So you will see it a couple of times. It will have the word letter to it on the right side.

This is part 2

Business model - as follows...
Part 1
• Continual flow of single package/EP releases.
o Plugging
o Gigs
o Music Video
o Press imagery
o All new release artwork will feature as the backdrop for the website along with
corresponding banners and ‘click-throughs’ to iTunes and/or Spotify – this will
be consistent across all public facing platforms.

Part 2
• Build ‘banked tracks’ – Currently 12 unreleased.
The intention is that if we keep a consistent flow of releases whilst scaling up our investment
(and therefore exposure), we should start to make equivalent ‘noise’ in the industry.
Hopefully this will make the act more attractive to booking agents, labels and/or publishers

Part 3
so that as soon as we are deemed ‘ready’, we will be prepared with:
• more than an albums worth of tracks;
• a solid release campaign template ;
• and a release history with a track record of achievements (sales, venues played, radio
The ultimate aims are to secure an agent, an industry immersed co-manager and sign a
deal by the end of 2016/early 2017.

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