Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Switching to english and stupid demos

Thank you all for reading my blogg in Swedish. Still when i'm out speaking in the world I get the question to write in english. So i will start to do some stuff in english. It will not be all posts but hey. But look for the tag english and you get them.

Also new vill be the video log. I will get videos as diffrent things.

Well we start of with the lastest, people who seeks you out on Linked In. I used to keep my Linked in clean until the damn thing went ballistik and added all in my gmail friends. So i started to accept everyone, before i took off musicans, producers and songwriters if I didn't knew them.

This of course got me alot of people sending demos through Linked In. Well if I meet you and asked for it that way, sure, but just befriend me and send demos is really not ok. I just decided to answer the truth to people on Linked In. It will be all fun conversations.

First out the Russian composer. And with that said....

5:40 PM
Good afternoon Peter!   
My name is Stanley. I am singer-songwriter, composer and producer from Russia, Saint-Petersburg.   Please listen to my new track here   Other tracks here:   I am looking for licensing, promo, booking. Can we collaborate?  Best regards,  Stanley  Saint-Petersburg  Russia 

At 6:56 PM, Peter Åstedt said the following:
How much do you pay? Seems like a lot of work to be done.

At 6:56 PM, Stanley Oss said the following:
I did18 tracks for today :)
I paid for studio time and mixing :)) and mastering
a lot of money for me I paid :)
but now I am looking for someone who is looking for talent

At 7:04 PM, Peter Åstedt said the following:
Well if all 18 tracks are shit, then you are in a bad situation. Bill Gates once said if i had 2 dollar left i would put 1 dollar on marketing. I'm looking for someone that has a audience.

 At 7:04 PM, Stanley Oss said the following:
My music is not shit...

At 7:09 PM, Peter Åstedt said the following:
Depends who is listening. As long as you have an audience it dosen't matter though. So it all cook down to, do you have an audience?

At 7:12 PM, Stanley Oss said the following:
what the fuck the audience? sorry for my English  If you want to get from me money now - it is not with me  I need a person or company who invest money in me and make me a promo and concerts

At 7:21 PM, Peter Åstedt said the following:
So I should work for free?

At 7:24 PM, Stanley Oss said the following:
I'm sorry I'm not ready to continue the conversation with a man who did not know my music called her shit.....fuckn marketolog
you not A&R!!!

At 7:41 PM, Peter Åstedt said the following:
I never said it was shit! I said IF, it's a totally diffrent thing. they could be bad, could be good.  

Still you want me to invest money into your career and you call me names. Adds my LinkIn even though we don't know each other and send stuff without asking.  You really think someone would invest after doing that? A real A&R would never do that. They would block you with the first mail, so I guess you are right when you say I'm not an A&R. Well at least not your normal one.   

So what you tell me is that you are a random guy with 18 recorded tracks. And you have stuffed your last money into these 18 tracks not even consider that you need marketing?   

Just that proves that you are not worth working with, even how good the songs are. You have already put yourself in the trashbin by just writing.   

I will give you an advice, do your reseach, invest in PR and for god sake have manner when you talk to people.  If the 18 tracks are like the one on soundcloud, well don't quit your dayjob.


  1. well put Peter,,, by the way, could you help me with my new band?? Home by the River?

  2. You have a band named after your latest record?

    But well send the links on my facebook page.