Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hurray 10 000 views!

YES i just passed 10 000 views on the blog. Well in internet figures is not that much. Still I have proven a point.

I started this blogg beacause I wanted to prove for the artists that I work with that not everything just happens. And you have to be precistant.

So who wants to read about a middelage guy whining about his A&R job. Well someone but it's rather obscure, not like when you have good music to spread. Still the blog got 10 000 views. 200 posts almost took it to get to this amount. I have run 3 or 4 diffrent strategys how to lure people in. And also imagine that 180 of the post was just in Swedish witch limited the blog quite much.

Yes you can do it to collect fans. You just have to hang on to it, and keep it going. If I had my music out I would now had 10000 chanses that people would have been listening. I know not all of them would but lets say 50% that is 5000 listnings. Well maybe it's some that is the same poeple. So let's take the half 2500. It's 2500 people i could have turned into fans if I had music.
Today to be an artist you really have to do this. And there is so many tools to help you out, videos, blogs, sound, images.

So will I stop now, hell no, there is more things to prove and more to whine about.

So here is some more fact

Most read post, is the post when I tell that the Swedish acadamy for music is a bunch of noobs. This got a very big spread. It's in swedish though.

The strange part, no one had anything to comment on it. Not even an comment on Facbook where it got the most readers from. And yes with 200 posts, I only have 2 comments. I thought I would have some comments when I wrote that artists are cattle. But nope, the comments are on my April fools joke (witch was my second biggest read post, and yes that one got ALOT of comments on Facebook) and one from a friend that is sarcastic when I shoot down a russian artists.

Witch countrys are reading:











Well India just have one reading. I wonder who that was? Sweden got over 65%. Well it has been most written in Swedish so I hope to have other figures when i reach 20 000.

Well I'm off to Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. I hope to get more Video logs and artist tip offs and new music during the week.

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