Thursday, August 8, 2019

The grass is not greener on the other side

I stole my friend Nelson's (i hope he doesn't mind) post on Facebook today. He hs a band called We Bless This Mess witch I really love. It's a great project and they are working their asses off. Still, they seem to fall in the trap I see many artists fall into. That the grass is greener on the other side or that somehow it would be easier for me as a label/industry person to do things. So here it is, with my *** inputs:

We Bless This Mess is looking for an agency and/or a record label to work with 2020. Any suggestions?

*** Yes anyone that would like a really hard-working cool band. Go ahead this is really something. maybe someone sees it here in the blog :)

We've been pretty active on touring, releasing stuff, doing our own booking and promotion for years.
It's been 5 amazing years but it's been hardcore work for me and my bandmates.

*** Yes and to be honest for a label it would be the same. Or they would demand even that you work hard if that even is possible.

I want grow this band step by step and I've always wanted to keep this band DIY but at some point I feel that if we don't play the industry game we put our careers in risk.

*** To be honest on this one. That career choice was done five years ago. You really can't turn a DIY band into the commercial mold. Partly because it will kill the fanbase. But in this case, it will kill part of what We Bless This Mess is. Suddenly you have to change your lyrics, music into something that fits the market. Let the market fit you! You won't be the biggest band on earth, but to be semi-big like Ramones yes totally possible. So you need someone that would love the music much as you do.

I've always played music and been active in the scene because I love this but honestly I feel drained, that's why I think this is the time to ask for recommendations and help.

*** Oh boy do I feel drained. I do all the time and with bands quitting all the time or doing silly mistakes is not getting med feel less drained. This feeling we that work in the professional industry feel all the time. The thing you need to do is focus on what you are doing and what is working and just do more of that. The passion will come back. It's all about never give up.

Obviously, I'm super thankful for all the help and support fans, family and friends have been giving to We Bless This Mess, and I'm really looking forward to recording this new album that people crowdfunded.

But again... we're putting all our effort and energy on this record and it's just a little bit frustrating the fact that after we're done with the recording we need to go to the "office" one more time and do it all by ourselves again

*** I can tell you a worse feeling. that is if you come back to the office and discover that all that work you have been done some have taken it and put a Tuba-solo all over it so it is impossible to work with, and still you have to work with something that was great before but now destroyed. This is the reason why professionals whats to interfere in the creative process. As DIY you actually don't have to care on that level. Sometimes that is good sometimes that is bad.

... and as a DIY band it's hard to get good support tours, slots in festivals, or even get a fair amount of cash to play.

*** Oh, so me as a label I just snap my fingers and hey Glastonbury here we come? One phone call and we have this super support slot to Green Days Next tour? Even if I have that you know how many times the artist will complain that it's not good enough. They rather have a support slot on Cardi B:s new tour since that is cooler. And Glastonbury, hell no the new cool festival is Lollapalooza. 

This is not easier for a label or agency. nd my guess is that 95% of them actually can't do it better then We Bless This Mess. It's all about networking and that can be done by a DIY artist as well. In fact, that is probably easier. Still, you need to put in a hell of a lot of time and money. probably all that money that went to production. Twice that for networking is probably necessary.

Then, of course, you can buy it. But then we are back that you have to bring that money back. Suddenly you have to fit the mold really really much and hey let's write a song about Big Mac on Mc Donalds.  

I'm trying to be honest here and this is not a post to discuss morals and ethics about how to do things DIY/independent/Major. It's just a post to get recommendations.

*** Yes same here. I really hope someone finds We Bless this Mess and can help them get bigger. They deserve it. 

It's just been hard doing this by ourselves lately, we all have side works beside music and we just want to keep doing what we love to do.

*** Same as me, I have to get in my money and slave on jobs inside the music industry that drives me nuts. Tomorrow is another stupid meeting in another town that probably will give me a week's headache. I rather would promote some good new single just in the pace and feel I like, but it will never happen. I wish I just had an artist that breakthrough and got so much money that I would never have to work again :)

But now, here is We Bless This Mess, I know you are out there, grab the band and help them out. They are genuine people and fantastic.

Ps if you want to reach them just contact me and I pass them on.

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