Wednesday, August 7, 2019

10 best songs

I'm just in the progress to get the new blog going on. Yes, the changes are clear. I won't tell so much but I just had a nice phone call with my new radio station. Yes, the new things will be in pod format and will have a far bigger reach than I ever got before.

And my first show will be a special thing that I have waited over 15 years to release so here we go. But that has to wait a couple of weeks to reveal what it is and how it will look or sound. No today my editor gave me the task to send her 10 of my favorite songs, or just choose 10 songs.

Can't be that hard? It can. There are so many ways that top songs can be done. A theme like just great songs that never was heard. Ten important songs I have been worked with. Ten songs that are my favorite of all time. There are so many roads I can go down on that road.

Also, this is going to radio so to not bore the audience too much I figured to have some songs that they actually recognized. So hooking up my old hard drive I went over 100 songs. In the end, I got these ten. It's not my favorite songs. But I really like them and they have a reason.

Northlight - A Celebration of Humanity. This is my latest poison. I can play this song over and over. Great tune and a smaller radio hit in Europe and the last song I worked with this week. A great track that will have space in my best 100 list.

Tom Petty - I won't back down
Yes, you can see me quote this on my Facebook. I just love the lyrics to it. Yes, one of my favorite songs. We lost Tom to early.

Royal Prospect - Reigns. Another band that I play at least once a day. Their songs just grow on you. This one I was also part of filming the video of. Great memories.

Rob Zombie - Blitzkrieg Bop. Yes, Ramones will be on my top ten list. But I really like Rob Zombies version of Blitzkrieg Bop. I could have taken a strange track of Ramones like "Time has come today" or "Gonna Kill that Girl" but I went with some main theme but different.

Then I had Spiral Motion - Vaccum, unfortunately, it's not on Youtube for the moment. It's so beautiful and from one of my five top albums. I'm so thankful to have been part of it and yes this is one of the best tracks. I guess I have to get it online.

U2 - Kite. The lyrics are just amazing on this one. It was the song I was listening to when my mom died. It's such a great song, so sad but so positive as well.

Reel 2 Reel - I like to move it. This song just makes you happy. It's silly but it's still is just the song you can never get enough off.

The Ark - It takes a fool to remain sane. I'm really not a fan of The Ark, still, this song is a masterpiece. Lyrics build up everything. A hard song to doing something better. A witch never happened with The Ark.

State of Grace - Chemical. Another band I have been working with that have the best songs but never broke big. This song is special but it was hard since they have a bunch of songs that are great.

Well, there it is. The ten songs I chose. Sure I probably could have gotten other as well. Now on to the new blog. There is a lot of work to be done, so little time.

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