Monday, August 5, 2019

100 000 views!!!! Goal reached!

100 000 views!!! 

I reached my goal. I proved that I could get 100 000 views on a niche blog with mainly an old guy ranting. No bought commercial just kept doing it. And over the weekend it happened I passed 100 000 views.

Back to the story of why the blog was started. I was working with some artists that were nagging about how hard it was to reach out. They did things but if they didn't get instant gratification they quit doing what they were doing. Also, they did it too hard. everything they did had to be perfect and with that, the updates became very time consuming and a long time between them.
The argument was that I didn't understand how it was. Of course, I did. So we made a bet. I was starting a blog. Since my blog was in writing and about a niche subject I claimed that it was harder than writing to fans of music and also releasing music.
The goal was 100 000 views, for them the same in listenings on Youtube and Spotify. We had five years on us.

I did it on four and a half year. The blog started late November 2015. in reality, I probably already passed 100 000 at the beginning of the year since my stories are now published on Cashbox Magazine Canada and Record World. They each have around 1000 views each episode. I didn't count them in. This is just the people that got to my page. I even took off my own views.
I guess we can do some stats:

I have done a staggering 965 posts. yes, I have been doing post almost every Monday to Friday.

Top countries: 
Sweden - 45418 views
USA - 15356 views
France - 8584 views
Canada - 4187 views
Russia - 3999 views
Germany - 2508 views
Romania - 1684 views
Czech Republic - 1640 views
Storbritannien - 1438 views
Ukraina - 1343 views

The high Swedish number can also be that the first year I only did the blog in Swedish.

Top ten most-read posts
9 jan. 2019
2 aug. 2018, 1 kommentar
18 maj 2017
27 juli 2017
20 juli 2017
18 apr. 2017
19 mars 2019, 2 kommentarer

Earned money on the commercial on the site.
8.87 dollars. I guess my readers don't click on the ad:s :) No I won't get rich on the ad:s but yes I got so many other things from the blog over the years.

What happened with artists I took a bet with? Well, they haven't reached their goal. One band have quit and formed another band that is not doing any stats either. One kept up appearance in six months but then grew tired and went back to hunt for that lucky break. I guess that break never happens.
One still hasn't got into reaching the audience and is doing the same stuff as back then.

This is what you have to understand in the business that the stamina of the artist is not that strong. They always say that they have what it takes but seldom keep up the work. Yes, the blog has been slow and many times I just wanted to quit the whole thing. Yes, it took a long time before I even got regular readers or how I figure out how to reach more people.And ohh all these mistakes in free marketing that never worked.

Then it gave some satisfying stardom. Unknown people for me that came up and told me how they read the blog. I had some very cool conversations with people.
So now what? Should I just put it to rest? No, but its time for changes. I proved it worked let's try to do some marketing and see what we land in. Will it take three years more to get to 200 000? Let's do like we do with the artists, let's refine it to be commercial.

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