Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Don't be a diva

I run into it sometimes, artists that actually thinks that I will drop anything I do just to get to whatever problem they have. It's very usual for artists that you signed. Suddenly they expect that everything will happens in minutes.

I was sitting in a meeting discussiong a quite big thing around a festival. My phone starts ringing (okey i had it on silence). Several times. I checked who it was and it was an artist we signed a mounth ago. Since the artist was calling on and on. I excused myself from the meeting and called back.

The artist ionöy wnated to know if we had sold any of his songs to commercal yet (just the fact that he hadn't provided me with the instrumentals it was not likley). Stuff like this is the reason why my labels don't want to talk to the artist and sticks with a proffessional manager.

Like one of my artists said today, well artists is not having the same world prospective like the rest, both in a good way and a bad way, mainly bad.

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