Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why you don't tell artists

We just got in that a commercial is intrested in a song from one of our artists. Witch is really cool. So one in the office thought about contatct the artist that their song was under consideration. I had to stop them quickly.

What happens if you do that is that the artist will ask you everyday like a littel child if something new has happend around the commercial. It dosen't matter if you tell them that this can take time. And we might not hear back, they might use another track etc.

Nope you get the emails and messages all them time. Well it's okey if you just had one artist. But since we work with over 100 yes these mails piles up. We used to send out these notes just to prove that yes we are working with your songs. We had to stopp it since we got tons of emails with the question "What happend with this placement"? And also many of them wanted to have meetings to plan their future "if" the placement came through.

Then it also was all these things that we have no clue about like "When does this commercial air", "How much does it pay", "Where is it used". This is mainly things that comes later when they decided witch music they gonna use.

Yes it is a normal urge that you want to know if things progressive, and you should. Still if there is to many people doing it on the same time it takes up too much time. This is a kind of a problem that you can't really solv. It's also the main thing that artists thinks that publishers dosen't do anything.

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