Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Someone has to play it first...the podcasts

I got the Airwaves. The first smaller program will test shoot today. A program to discover new music with the catchy title "Someone has to play it first". A show where I play things I just heard or discovered. I will do this show monthly so it will be re-runs of it. Right now the two re-runs are

Wednesday 23 of October - 2 pm EDT (Toronto, NYC time), 20:00 Central European time.
Thursday 24 of October - 3 am EDT (Toronto, NYC time), 11:00 Central European time.

You hear it on Cashbox Radio

Later on, we will have the premiers on Cashbox and then add the podcasts. This time we add the podcast directly. Here is the program as playlists on both Spotify and Youtube. So just click under here and you get the whole show.

In this episode, we actually also reveal the address to send songs it is discoversensationradio@gmail.com you need to listen to the show to also get the secret password to have a better chance to be on. Artists that I have at this time is

The Magnettes
Alona Alona
We Bless This Mess
Eleonore Léone
Cheap Tobacco
Royal Prospect
The Callahan

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