Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Don’t expect people to like your music.

I got one of those emails when the artist wishes that I should give feedback on their songs. I’m a bit reluctant to do that. You can see in the new situations with bloggers and magazines they have almost all of them take a step to just write about things that excite them. Bad reviews don’t really exist any longer. Instead, it’s like a silent agreement that if you don’t hear back after you got the thank you for sending in the files, if I’m interested, I will get back to you.

But all artist wants that feedback, why I don’t understand, but I’m getting to that. The feedback has become an industry at different sites. When you pay for it, they actually give you some feedback. The problem with this I that it’s just bloggers that in many cases just your average joe sitting and give feedback. Much of the feedback is also nonsense. Here is some feedback from bloggers that passed on The Magnettes track “Shakes (Falling in Love).  See the video here:

1.  I love the beautiful composition of the song. It lacks good vocal energy though.

2. The video looks great! I just wasn't as into the vocals throughout this one. Thanks for sending it our way, though!

3. The track is not bad but I don't feel it was 100% a fit for us.

4. Some really great stuff, loved the aesthetic. Vocals were on point. Unfortunately it felt like it was missing the electronic dance music element to fit with our curation. Appreciate you sending over though!

5. I like the vocal and melody So much energy inside that, your music has a bit of classical mix with modern music.

6. The track sounds catchy, but it was too bright, epic and expansive for us.

7. Thank you for thinking of us! Unfortunately, we weren't as drawn in by the production.

8. Great visuals. Song is pleasant but not something i'm finding v fresh in terms of prod / sounds.

9. Music video looks awesome - wasn't that crazy about the verse though.

Half of them love the vocals, the other half hate the vocals, Half hate the production other half loved the production. The track actually got really good exposure though over 30 bloggers shared it and reviewed it (of course when they do a review, they just write positive). Also, the track had radio rotation all over Europe.

But what is striking even though they are saying no to the track they are still just positive like comment number five. And I feel many times that the artist is just after the kick that people should say how good they are. Just like your closest friends or your mom. Why would you want that feedback where everything is good. Or just random feedback like these ones above here.

When people then seek out my point, I really don’t know what they are after. Just the random hit things that I should like your music, or can I really tell you that your latest song is really shit? I still don’t know I don't hear back from these ones I just told I didn’t like their latest song. On the other hand, the woman in the grocery store didn’t like it when I called her kid ugly either, but that kid was damn ugly.

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