Thursday, October 1, 2020

I want to have my music in a movie. (the right place at the right time).

 Many times, I get the feeling that artists think that I can nag in a placement. That is impossible. Sure, of course, the more people that know about the song the better chance. Still, if it is the wrong song it is the wrong song.

A placement is all about having the right tune in the right place at the right price. So even if you just released this great single, I can’t get a supervisor to take it just it fits your release plan. If they want the single that you released three years ago since that fits. Then you just have to go with that or say no. The only time I can be in help if I have a song that is kind of similar to the one the choice but are not really satisfied with it.

I get still many artists thinking that you should spend a lot of time trying to sell their song. The system more works that you upload plenty of songs and when the supervisor comes with a request you are good at pinpoint a couple of songs that would fit the brief. A big no-no is to try to send in songs that don’t fit the brief. If the brief says a song for a scene that is in the summer and you should feel happy, no Reggie tunes need to be a pop song. By sending in a sunshine reggae song would kill the trust that the supervisor has for you. If you do that mistake over and over well, they will stop sending you briefs. In those cases, it’s actually better to tell them that you don’t have it. The supervisor like usually that honesty more. Okay, not if you tell that on every brief.

Also, brief is not the whole business. Much is that they already have been served with songs and like yours. You will never see the brief, you just have to say yes or no to be in a Netflix episode, number 45 of this tv series. Many think that we are getting a choice sitting with the director and producer discussing witch song they should take, especially the new single of yours. Never happens.

No everything goes superfast. You get the call they want this song for this price, and they need to know if it can be totally cleared in one hour (many times asking that it should have been done yesterday). And this can be like midnight your time. It’s yes or no. If you start to withhold things they will just move on. Usually, they have a couple of options and if one doesn’t answer fast enough they move on.

Another thing is that even if they say yes, that is not certain that it will be in the production. I usually advise artists to make the shoutout when it has broadcasted. Several times things have been taken out in the last minute and replaced, even song I got paid for.

So how do you know it’s the right song? You really don’t so try to write a song that fits in is as easy as making a hit. Also, if the company looks for a song is it mainly because they can’t buy that feeling in a song from a production company. There is a difference between a song that you mean something. My tip is that write the feeling you have, if that fits in a placement, good for you. You were at the right time in the right place. If you just want placements, then you are a person that makes music for production companies. They expect you to pump out five new songs a day, with or without inspiration.

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