Friday, February 14, 2020

New station manager!

So it's Valentine's day. No! I'm stuck in front of the computer and fixing things for the release of the new radio station where I'm now station manger. Suddenly Bryan Adams is playing "Heaven". Here it is Valentine's day! And on the other side, my girlfriend is in the other room doing invoices for the company. Both work in the music industry both in our own companies.

Complaining, hell no! I wouldn't have it another way. If I wanted a romantic dinner or anything else I have the freedom to shut everything off and just do that. This is a lifestyle. I'm still in front of the computer is because I have so much fun. I have had skype and messenger phonecalls from around the world today. I got on a couple of new cool jobs that will bring me around the globe again. I don't care that it's soon the weekend. I long for Monday since then  I can start all the things I like again.

Yes working in the music industry is a jungle, really welcome to the jungle. Many don't survive. It's really a lifestyle.

Well now I need to get things going on the new station should work fine by mid of March when we start to promote. If you want to prelisten we are already up at then you can hear all our small mistakes that are in trimming. The station is also on the blog page in the top right corner. Love has to wait!

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