Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Facebook a new music channel?

The whole summer has been rumors what is going on Facebook? We have seen employment ads where they have hired music lawyers.
Of course, it has to do with that you can put up videos in the Facebook feed, and as it is right now the creators won't get paid. Still, we already see that Universal has stopped their songs to be on Facebook if you upload any Universals stuff you get a warning.

It's kind of easy to see that Facebook must pay for other peoples content. They probably in the same as Youtube working up a fingerprinting system and that you will have ads in front of the video.

The interesting is what happens when people start marketing things like a radio station inside Facebook. This also would include Instagram that is growing fast (Facebook is slowly become not so cool).

And how will it affect Spotify? I mean you would be able to create channels like that inside Facebook, they would just need to add a function so they play after each other.

This can shake things up.

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