Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The loose cannons

Yes I work in a creative industry and many weirdos are drawn to it. I guess we are all someway crazy that works here, but there are the really crazy people.

And I would guess they are more than in a normal industry like dentists or doctors even though I heard they have other craziness in their line.

The problem though with the loose cannons is that they take up time and space. And in average it's one out of 100.

In the beginning you really can't see the difference between the loose cannon to the creative exenctric. The act the same but has a hughe difference the loose cannon thinks they are artistic and gives something to the world. While the exenctric actually gives something artistic in value. The loose cannon is just annoying and have little artistic value. The ratio is though that it goes 100 loose cannons on 1 excentric.

After awhile you get really good to spot them. They crash many things and always blame some secret person or organization in the music industry for their failure. It's amazing how many conspiracy theories they come up with.

It always why you are coutiouss when you meet new people. If they are "too on" it might be a loose cannon.

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