Monday, July 23, 2018

The hobby band vs the pro band

It's quite easy to say that you want to do something full time. I have written about it before that I have a passion for cooking. I just picked all cherries and black currants and done liquor and jelly the whole weekend. I love it it's really fun to test new recipes and stuff.

It's quite easy for me to say that I should be a professional chef. I should open a restaurant doing my own menu and all that stuff. But I have one advantage and I know how hard it is to be that chef. You have to be closed in the kitchen for years just to get that restaurant to fly. Overall it is at least ten years of investment in your life.

I'm an amateur chef I don't even know if I have the talent to make it as a professional chef. My friends like my food. Still says nothing how the general market would say. And also standing in the kitchen doing the food I want to do instead of getting orders for what kind of food I should cook is a huge difference.

Here is see many do the mistake when we ask if you want to be the hobby band or be the professional. It would be nice living out of your music. Go on tour and make a lot of money while the fans scream out your name.

The thing is that it's so much more than that. It's the same that you are locked in that kitchen but here you are locked in trying to do new songs all the time. Also the same you don't know if your talent is enough to be one of the biggest stars in the world. Still, when you get the question you still say that you want to do it.

I usually pout some extra questions in for it. Could you be away from your friends for two years? Can you just focus on music nothing else for two years? In overall, they all say yes.
If they say no it's already clear that you can't do it.The funny part even the ones that say not as the ones that say yes want to try. And here is the tricky part. We know that only one out of thousand bands has what it takes to even do a test run. We easily test them by putting some important at the same time as their holiday. If they fail to cancel the holiday they are not in the position to make it. Then we even get harder by putting the thing in all the time. Here if you have ten bands that made it out of the thousand. Nine out of ten will fail. Yes, it's very few that have what it takes and most failures come from that the artist wasn't ready for the amount of work that has to be done to make it to the top or be a hobby band. My calculation is that in my whole 30 years career I will only find around 10 acts that really have what it takes among these ten thousands of artists I meet. The question would I find them and nurture them in the right way?

I guess I have exposed that I like to cook food. I actually do quite many strange hobby things where I do some arts and crafts. For example, I do strange garden gnomes. I have developed different technics in doing things in concrete. Over the summer months, I usllay do over three hundred different kinds of garden statues. Usually with a strange twist.
This summer it has been garden gnomes with a certain theme. I have done the Punk Gnome, The Terrorist Gnome, the Weed Gnome and the Gangsta gnome. Here is a gnome with attitude.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Don't overdo the favour

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You just hate them. The artists that really don't in your event and are nagging to get in there. Then you get an open spot and just for sake of it, you let that artist through. Suddenly they start demanding things that no other artists get like free booze and their own dressing room and of course special backline.

Suddenly they are demanding to get all the dates times and stages even though the main act hasn't got it yet. in the end, they are more demanding than your headliners.

It's funny they should get that they just got the spot on pure luck and friendship. Now they are getting that friendship really a lot of tension. Later you get all these asking favors next time on other things but you really don't take them again.

Try not to be such a diva if someone gives you an opportunity. You can be the diva when you get famous.


I'm on a University today to listen to songs. It will be fun, most of the time they usually take out other musicians to do this kind of things. In reality, you should take people like me that should actually do the pr for the song. I mean you wont get the guy that put together you iPhone to market that damn thing. No you present the product to the PR team. And over the years most musicians I have had judging things are totally wrong. They like the Iphiobne geek that are excited of a special function that the majority doesn't give a shit about. The best ones to pick out songs in my teams over the year was a guy working in a car factory. He listened to songs in his headåphones every day. He could hear when a song was a hit. Truly a mastermind on that in the end.

This is when musicians try to explain why they have done a bad song that I should market.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Don't do this on social media!

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The biggest no no, in social media that I really see the most artists do is promote their latest single. Someone said that social media is social. So if you were at a concert and saw one of the band members standing in the bar and you struck up a conversation like Hey really great gig tonight!
Yes, buy our latest single or listen to it here on Spotify.
Okay, how many gigs do you do this year?
Oh yes, listen to our new single on Spotify!
I really like your new single.
Yes so listen to it on Spotify and don't forget to put a heart next to it!

Of course, you would think this member in the band was a bit crazy. In fact, this how you feel when an artist just posts on the latest release, or even worse just pictures of rehearsal or studio recordings. We know these moments are fun for the artist but hell no I don't want to see a post around it. No, I want to see the really bad breakfast you ate in the last town,. Or the funny backstage area or anything personal.

So to be able to even promote something you need to have a normal flow or posts that are about something that a normal person can relate to. Even that you could have conversations around.

So when an artist tells me that they need to get something out just to have something to talk about, you know they are not really good at social media. You should be able to maintain that stream without releases. In theory, you should be able to do that with just one song ever released if you are good at it.

Just release and think that the post will be huge just because you release a song is very self-centered.

So I'm I good on social media? Hell no! I just comment on things and then leave the conversation. I have been trying to do the blog a bit more personal and more in a personal touch if you have read the last ones you see me more telling about different memories from the past.

The whole blog is an experiment to show for my artists that you can do things like this if you really put your mind to it. So the next level on more personal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Do you see the obstacles? Or do you buy condoms with a rockstar?

One of my artists always said, better to do something then do nothing at all. And he also said, see the possibilities instead of the obstacles.

Right now I really like this advice. Just gave artists an opportunity to almost go to the other side of the world to play on a really cool thing. You think they would be happy? No, the response is, how can I get time off from work. I mean this is not until April next year, so you roughly have 6 months to ask your boss for the time off. Tell your partner that you going away for a two month on an adventure.

But these reactions become more and more common. It seems like people don't have the confidence anymore to achieve things? The only see the negative things and the fear of a failure. I don't saw my generation like that? We just took the risk and if it crashed we mainly laugh about it. Like the story, I will tell on the person down here. Yes, I think people are too afraid nowadays even though it's safer than ever. Start seeing the positive in everything, my artist was damn right on that one.


My mom worked on the railroad when I was young. With that came a free pass to trains in all Europe for all members of our family. My best friends dad also worked on the railroad so he had a free card too. Our thing was to catch trains and just go where ever we were landing. Of course, telling our parents that we slept over at each others place. Instead, we took the train all over Europe and ended up in a lot of places. And we were young and really wanted to discover things.

One trip we did was to London. My friend really wanted to stand in the cheering crowd of Millwall and be on the football riots. I reall7y wanted to check out the London discos. Especially one called Equinox that had full lasers. So we went over a long weekend.

In London, we meet a crazy Australian guy that claimed that he had all the right connections to get into clubs. We tagged along and we went to a place called Stringfellows. The people who know what it is understood that this is not a place where you come in with a t-shirt and blue jeans. But we were traveling light and that was the only thing we had. The Australian guy somehow got us in even though the place was really crowded and we didn't fit the dress code. Inside the Australian warned us that the prices were very high in the bar. So we mainly just stood there in the crowd looking like two aliens.
I decided to go to the bathroom. I went in and after doing my thing came out and washed my hands. I couldn't find a paper but there was a big black box in velvet on the wall. I thought it might be a hand dryer so I checked it out. There was a big golden button in one of the corners, but not much more, I pressed the button but nothing really happened.

Then some really strange dude came out from one of the stalls. Coming up to me looking as confused as me. We struck a conversation trying to figure this machine out. In the end, we found a small opening for coins on the side. I was of course always broke but my new friend had a lot of pound coins so we shoveled in at least five of them then pressed the button.

The machine went on and just poured out condoms in golden packaging. We were laughing like hell. Kind as he was he gave me half of all the condoms that the machine got out. We got up to tell the funny story to my friend. When we got up we meet the duds friend a small guy that was really strange. He was trying to order a drink but couldn't get any service. Well, he looked like an alien like us so no wonder. My friend warned him about the high prices. He just looked at us and said: I can get you any drinks you want we just got paid. We didn't understand but the little guy just got in drinks after drinks to us. We partied really much for an hour with our new friends. Then we had to get to Equinox. They wanted to go but had to stay for some reasons.

So went to Equinox and was amazed by the lasers. The next day we went into a real football riot among Millwall fans, we almost got tattooed with the Millwall logo, we got out of that and hit the illegal clubs in the Docklands in London.

A year later I was watching MTV and suddenly a new group came along. And there was my buddy from the toilet at Stringfellows. he was playing the guitar like a god.  Here is the video. and three minutes in the video he shows up, my condom buying friend Saul. On Saturday he plays in Sweden again. Sadly we only took pictures of the lasers, not our new friends.

Yes, back there were no obstacles. We just did it and saw where the road took us. I feel that has changed with the new soicla media. Today I have great stories. Sure failure to not change phone numbers with Slash, or even take a picture but hey.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Yes they will go on pictures!

No, don't take a friend that makes great Instagram pictures to take your band photos! No, don't be damn artistic that you can't know what the pictures are portraying! And for f**k sake, if you don't know how to work with colors and lightning make then in black and white.

I got a phone call from a booker that will take out some bands at our festival. Of course, he has no chance to listen to all 150 bands that are on the site. Instead, he went into the band that he knew and after that those that had great pictures and said something.

- Usually, if the band has a professional picture they usually have a full show.

I could see so many good bands just be overlooked because they haven't taken the time to work with the picture. Yes, it needs to be a good photographer that knows about lightning that should take pictures not your best friend with a system camera. This is what gets people to look on your band in a rooster or a poster.

So I will make some examples.

Nice picture? I took it. The Magnettes need a new band picture very fast and they were playing in Visby so we quickly went down to the harbor and did some shots. Yes, I had a flash but only one. This picture you can see is very indie but utterly boring and really the lightning is not good at all. The band looks cool, but they always look cool. Many would consider this a good shot and a good promo picture, but in reality, doesn't hold up the standards. Many bands have just this kind of pictures.

This is more it. A real photographer, real flashes. Also painted with colored light. This tells more about what the band is all about. look on the crisp in the picture. How you can see everything in the picture it's not shaded in the wrong places last the one. This picture had many bloggers as and the press saying "wow".

Also, don't put a lot of text in the picture with the band logo and shit. This makes it harder for people to use it and in the end, you will lose many opportunities for it.


My crazy schedule keeps on going just go invited to Japan and to the Czech Republic and Canada this autumn. On top of that, I already have been invited to Spain, Austria, and Luxembourg.  I just love the life I live right now. Meeting so many people with different visions and with the same interest in the music industry. I really made my own path to be where I'm.

Monday, July 16, 2018

This is how you make it hard for people!

Make it simple, don't go and overdo things. Do be too artistic either. I can see it all the time it's the same artists that do these mistakes and they are complaining that it's hard and nothing never works, well, in reality, it's because you have to fit into the system, not the opposite around.

Yes, some rules you can't bend. For example, I think it's okay after a really long night in the pub and you need to pee and you are alone in a park to pee there. The law in Sweden says differently. It is illegal and even if I think it's stupid I have to follow the rules or if someone caught me I will get fined.

rather same here, the rules might be stupid but as soon you break them all sorts of things will start work against you.

The worst thing is to have a name with rather strange signs in them. like when Prince was changing his name to a symbol. Okay, Price was a huge artist and could get away with on some levels, but even him got overrun by people calling him the artist formerly known as prince. And you are not even in the size of Prince and pull this stuff off.

So why are the strange signs so bad? First people will jump them on posters if you start a band called Metällica and you don't have ä on your keyboard people will soon start calling your band Metallica. Then if you are making a hassle around it you will soon be spending more time changing things being a pain in the ass, in the end, people will stop booking you.

´ apostrophes which are very common can even be a pain in the ass. They destroy scrips and other and are frequently taken off.

Still, of course, you can spell your name $tupíd:*** but you have to be open that people will change it. And in some system, it will not even work out. Even to spell your name in capital letters only is REALLY REALLY stupid.

Also, many search engines won't find your name if you use certain letters. Or they need to be so specific spelled that you won't be found.

And don't use a too normal word. I just saw the band MY changing they name to Oh Hey My after being totally unable to be found in search engines.

It's fucking cane day. Yes, I have a rare form of gauge that always keeps me in pain in the whole body. Some days are worse and I I'm hospitalized a couple days a year to get morphine.

I try to not use the cane but sometimes I just have to. Of course, I have the most pimped cane there is. A golden skull cane with eyes that can be lit, and of course you can pull the cane apart and it becomes a sword. Well, it's illegal to have the blade inside so I have removed it.

This is also why I'm counted as handicapped and has several permits for it. It's kind of strange for people from one day see me walk normally to the next almost not get out of bed. It's invisible so it's hard to explain also that I'm one day from another can be classified as severely handicapped. I usually say I get the permit as mentally handicapped. :).

Friday, July 13, 2018

The death of the rockstar!

I don't know if this is just for Sweden? I guess it could be applied to the whole world. Many of the older A&R:s (read old grumpy men) is blaming the social media to kill the rock star. Many of the old rockstars were assholes, but in media they were nice. I heard so many times that John Lennon was an ass. And maybe he was or not. I don't know since I never meet him and can only tell from the interviews and stuff he has done. These interviews are of course controlled so it won't give the right picture. And it's in this the people now say the social media is killing the star.

Let's assume John Lennon was a real asshole in person. Of course, you can't hide that on social media. It will shine through. Same with the star thing. So many times when you get starstruck and then spend some time with the star and you realize they are just a normal person, very talented, but still just a person the icon and the status is falling.

Is this right? I don't know but what I can see is that interviews are rarer today with artists, especially around their work. What has replaced this in the media is more writings what they say on social media. Not unusual that a whole article is about a tweet of a famous artist. Today the media get the most information from Donal Trump in form of tweets.
Most careers are in very short forms.

I spent time with an influencer last weekend. She posted a picture of her on the street and in 5 minutes she had over 5000 comments. At the same time, she is not famous, she has over a million followers ion different social media. During dinner, we were talking about one of my bands and she was really impressed and told me that this band was really big. I told her that they not even had 20 000 followers on all their social media. Yes she said but they do big things and they write interviews with them. She explained how the followers were not anything that really goes to media until you are a name. And to get the name you need to do extra good things.

I guess the social media is not killing the start it's just harder to see where the breaking point for an artist is really on.

They are playing Eurythmics on the radio. Great band and great songs. I actually worked with Dave Stewart once which was one of these strange larger than life experience I'm getting involved in.
In this case, I got involved by a supervisor on a big project that Nokia was doing. They were building a game which contained music along the clues and should have been launched to a certain phone and work with GPS. In the beginning, I was placing some of my songs in the game but the crew understood fast I had some greater knowledge around everything in licensing so they called me on consultant things now and then.

This was in the middle of the summer. I had a short vacation in the archipelago north of Stockholm. Out there the coverage is not that great, but when you where in the local grocery store you had a tiny bit of reception. That was the great thing people couldn't reach you and you could really have a vacation.

One day we where down doing some groceries and out of the blue the Nokia team contacted me and wondered if I could jump on a Skype call about a thing. I wrote back that my line was not that good but I could try.

Out in the parkinglot I got on the call. It was not easy since the reception sucked. I got introduced to a bunch of people and they had a big discussion around different ways to get the music in the game. I mainly listened. After awhile a guy adressed a question to Peter I heard you had good experience of this. And yes I had, the last project I did had the same problems and I knew how we solved these. So I gave them a pretty good and safe plan solving the problem. The guy that asked was impressed and continued, that is great Peter, your line is kind of bad but I want to ask you some more. Can I call you after the call. Sure I gave him my number. The conference call went on for awhile more. I bought a ice-cream because it was hot and keept trying to keep up.
Then it was finished and Ulrika wanted to go back with the grocery. Then my phone rang. I answered and a familiar voice said, Hey its Dave Stewart really good input on the call. I have some other projects that I would like to get your opinion on.

I was not sure. Was this that Dave Stewart? The guy from Eurythmics and the guy who did all the keyboards on Ramones Too Tough to die record. Can't be?

The call went on and I explained the different ways of placements and what could work. My ice-cream melted and Ulrika was annoyed over the time it took.
Over the whole call, I was trying to figure out if this was Dave Stewart. In the end, I managed to get in a question about his music and there he mentioned Eurythmics. I was standing in the parking lot of the local grocery talking to Dave Stewart. It was totally surreal.
In the end, I got to ask around the recording of the Ramones album. He had no real memorys around it. He was mainly hired to do the electronic sounds on the single Howling at the moon. He laughed that was the question I had.

I got some more calls from him. And I just looked in my phone and I still has his number in my phone book as Dave S. I wonder if he still answers if I called?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

It's cool when you are there.

It's funny to hear artists bitching around certain things but then change opinion in a second. I saw a poster about some band doing an anti Summerfest gig in Milwaukee. And as long they are not playing they will be anti-Summerfest.
Then suddenly they might be booked to Summerfest and suddenly the festival is cool to be on.

And it's the same with everything as long you won't get it, the thing sucks.
This star sucks, that gig place sucks.
And when you suddenly reach that goal it's okay with the stuff.

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go
I wanna be sedated, Nothin' to do and nowhere to go I wanna be sedated.
The song just hit me. It came from a really bad cassette bootleg recording of Ramones that my cousin had bought on a trip to Stockholm.
At this point in time, it was really hard to get this kind of music in my hometown. The record stores there was not an uplifting story and I can easily say I just hated the main shit they where carrying.
But this was new. The sound was really bad but you could hear what a great tune it was.
My lifelong relationship with the Ramones had begun. Today I have my own personal Ramones museum with Dee Dee Ramones birth certificate as the odd one.
I loved the reality, it was old. That song had come out at least 10 years earlier but of course, never reached me. I have been quite obsessed with Ramones and still, think many of the songs are one of the best ones.
Why I don't mention this when people ask for my favorite music is because then they think I look for a next Ramones. There will only be one Ramones so I don't look for it or want music that sounds like it. The only thing I want is memorabilia around them.
It's my collector's thing here in life.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The impossible criteria.

I'm looking for an artist with these criteria.
Under 25 years of age.
Open to form their career and find the things that work, meaning not doing a style where you have to look or act a certain way.
Ready to work hard. At least put in four hours of work every day with their career.
Be interested of the business side but still trust other people to their job.
Be positive and see things on the positive side.
Have no attachments to partners, kids, places etc.
Have some sort of sponsor, so not the smallest amount is an issue.
Writing good songs.
Look good and be good to be a star. But not be a diva.

Won't happen I know. But this is how impossible the list is when people ask for me when I should find them business partners.

Waiting on another airport. Quite much time waiting and thinking.
I'm kind of impatient. I want everything to move forward, if not I'm losing focus on it. When I was home a couple of days I saw many of my projects standing still. I have this huge project about my ancestors. I'm building a huge map and things around it and I saw it in my computer and realized I haven't opened it in seven months.
Then I was fixing a thing in the garage and found my box of coco clocks that I should fix.
All my plants have nowadays automatic water systems otherwise they will die since all my time home is to fix things in my work since not all can be done on the road.
My friend just wrote he was leaving for three weeks vacation. I wish I could have a week. Or just a weekend. And maybe someday I will have the chance to do that.
When I get home after traveled for over 27 hours I get 10 hours home until I have to get back on the road. I just love to hear how the people complain how hard they work in their 9 to 5 world.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Take the decision!

I feel more and more that people are afraid to make decisions. Playing with all doors open and a big fear of Fomo (fear of missing out). In the end, there are no commitments done and everything is kind of lose and really nothing happens.

Yes, it can be scary to get along a path but not taking decisions and just float around is maybe easier but doesn't lead anywhere.

And all paths can be altered and lead to a lot of new places.

I also feel that people want me to have all the answers to impossible questions to be able to take these decisions. It feels like being a fortune teller with an all success guaranteed attach to you.

People are more and more insecure. Has it always been this way or is it coming along recently?

In the end, it's better to do a bad decision to learn from then no decision at all.

No, I don't play an instrument. And with that, I'm kind of unusual in the business. Most people working on the administration side is usually failed, musicians. I won't lie that I'm a failed one too, it's just that I failed so early it won't count.
In reality, I got it pretty clear that people liked to have me in their bands since I was good shuffling papers and getting things done. But playing was just a necessary evil to have me. I got the point and got myself a degree as a recording engineer. Same here I know the technical skills, but I'm not good on sounds or the knowledge how to get to them. I was good hearing when a song is good and have potential to be marked. And I became obsessed with that for the past 20 years. And I still don't know how to tune a guitar, but I can easily say if your recording will work or not. Even more, I can see if your setup will hold for something bigger.

Monday, July 9, 2018

A leader or a dead fish?

Yes, you find inspiration in people, but try to copy their career is not that smart. I get quite much that this person played on this festival was on this radio show etc. Just because of that we should do the same.

You know (Joey Ramone always started with), playing at CBGB:s was not cool when The Ramones did it. Sure all these years bands have been nagging they should play there since it went well with the first bands playing there like The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads etc.

In reality that was what came out from CBGB was these first bands. They took a chance, they were the leaders, the rest was just dead fishes that followed the stream.

I feel many are afraid to do something early. They want to wait until someone else has done it and they can follow. In the end, they are just chasing the next thing instead of creating it.

Go back to the iconic photo of the Ramones of the brick wall. It was not thought thru it just happened. And I bet you haven't seen the picture after that iconic one when Dee Dee is scraping dogshit from his shoe?

How many bands haven't been inspired by that picture? Instead, they should have done their own brick wall photo. Try to be the leader, not the dead fish that follows the stream.

I wrote about facing your fears a couple a days ago, also I wanted to write a more personal blog. And here I have to face the fear. I know what is interesting to write about, but it's hard personal and not pleasant. Still, that is what you want to read. I just noted myself going back to just write in the personal things that I'm excited about but can't say anything about yet. Pretty boring to read about. When I was changing I thought of giving out more anecdotes around me, but it's hard to write about it. You have to face the fear.

Oh well so here is a kind of strange story that I know is a bit untold and I usually never talk about.
If you ever visit our office you can't miss our pinball machine. And I know early in the blog I have revealed that I'm a keen enthusiast of restoring pinball machines. Nowadays I don't have so much time for it. But I really like to dig in around pinball machines made between 1992 to 1998 with digital displays. And that has been something I been told quite often in the interviews of odd facts about myself. What is lesser known is that the pinballs are there because a court settles after I was kidnapped.

Yes, it is true. I was kidnapped after a night out in Stockholm. We where celebrate a friend's birthday and was going from one restaurant to a bar. Suddenly a guy came up to us and pointed a gun at me and wanted me to follow him up the street. You really don't argue with a guy pointing a gun at you so I followed along. We went up to his buddy on the other side of the street. I guess they just wanted to mug me but also knew I didn't have any cash on me so it could turn ugly.

At the same time my friends was calling the cops. When we reach his buddy you can just tell both of them was high as fuck on some drug. The friend just laughed and said it was just a joke to get someone to follow them along. Okay I said turned around and walked back over the street to my scared friends.

A minute later the cops swarmed the street. A guy waving with a gun is not taken lightly and a block away they arrested them.

Since the forced me over the street it was counted as kidnapping and the damage money for that is kind of high. So before it went to court I decided if I got any money I would buy a pinball machine.

And there you have one of the two pinball machines I bought from the kidnapping money. The guy was as I thought high and had no idea what he was doing and got a longer prison sentence.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A showcase is not a gig.

I just saw one of my friend's bands, they were posting on Facebook about a gig they had done. I checked out and they were still doing the same old gigs as they did five years ago when I meet them.

They play gigs all around the world. But never more than 200 people. The fanbase is around the same as before, no growing. Their name is not getting bigger. In a nutshell, they are on the spot as five years ago just some shows done in other countries.

In their beginning, I invite them to some showcase festivals which they played. They played, they just used the festivals as a gig. They didn't do any meetings. Didn't go to the conference,  they played their gig drank some beer and went home.

This the worst way to miss out on an opportunity. Don't do the groundwork and just treat everything like another festival in the roster. A showcase is more about the opportunity to meet new people to work with then play a gig. The gig is just a chance to get people to see the show. Not audience, professionals from the business. So if you don't do the groundwork it will be a kind of crappy gig.

Well, my friend's band won't go anywhere and maybe that is fine for them. But they are taking up space for artists that really want to get somewhere and that annoys me.

This episode is why my job is so hard. I look for the artist beyond this band. Yes, of course, they asked if I could work with them. In their case, I thought the music was not good enough. Later on, I discovered that they were totally useless to develop. They were thinking that hard work was to do the same gigs over and over and really never aim to be bigger.
So I know that they want more but don't get how to get the things. It's like they do half of the job.
The hard part is to single out these artists from the really serious ones. The ones that will work with you to reach a global audience.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Make more with the spending money.

People love to spend money. Spending them on content on social media is often like throwing money in the fire.

People record songs in expensive studios make costly photoshoots and videos. But the quality is not the reason why people will check your things on social media.

Social media is more about getting many things out during a long time. Spending it on one post is not a wise thing.

Then, of course, you want it to look good. And yes the biggest stars hire professionals to even take their Instagram pictures. You can't compete with that until you have the same amount of followers. To get followers you need to be consistent.

The key is to make it into a story. The audience wants to see the next thing and that has rarely anything to do with the quality of the content, rather what the content contains.

So plan your money in a longterm thing instead of trying to make a big thing when you don't have the massive following.

Kind of excited about everything that is going on. Yes, I have to go back to the start again but it feels alright just as I can find the right material to work with.
I just got offered to join a new venture and it will be fun working on an international project and see where it goes.
As usual, I'm a bit impatient to get things to get started

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It is about what is comming,

I have just been through many biographies while we are booking the festival. It strikes me that they bios is often very badly done. I guess you really don't know what to write so I will give you a trick. Write about what is going to happen.

Most write about what has happened but really in most cases the person that is reading very often search for the future.

Don't write about things that we don't care about. That the first line up of the band was with this person and then we changed to that person. As long as this persons are very famous we don't care. it's enough writing the lineup right now.

Don't describe the sound too much. It's okay to write that you re a rock or pop band or EDM or reggae. Only to give a hint about what I expect to hear. Because you really don't need to describe the music like "if Freddie Mercury had a child with Kate Perry and starting doing electronic music". Things like that seem to take overhand. And also many describe their music totally wrong so when you listen you wonder if it was the same band that wrote the bio or some deaf ghostwriter.

What about the future? Well, most of the time we look for things that will happen with the artist. Actually start with a block where you tell what is happening in the nearest future with gigs, giving out music etc. Of course, this can't be on a static homepage since it changes all the time. But if it for a festival you can tell things going on after the festival. One thing, don't forget to add the things to the bio when they have happened.

PERSONAL. I'm usually finding things to slow down in July. But over the years it just has become more and more of everything and now it's busier than ever. It really takes its toll, you are really never off it just keeps going and going. So right now I haven't had a chance to even keep up with my mail. I have over 150 unanswered emails. I guess I have to take care of that before I go to USA tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Face the fear

You have to face your fear. This last conference I held a speech for 10 minutes about Live at Heart. Then a one and a half hour panel debate. Both in English and both with Chinese interpretation. Yes, the interpretation makes it a bit more difficult. I would estimate it was in total around 150 listeners. Also very professional and knowing people from the music industry.

Do I like these speeches? Now yes, but I was really not a big fan of doing presentations or panels when I started. And from time to time I'm still very nervous. But with experience, I'm getting better and better.

It's all about getting exposed to the fear. My travel has taught me a lot of things that before was a fear now totally ok to do.

And it's the same in an artist career. Many say no to things out of fear. It's not stage fright we talk about. Can be other things that are much harder and can stop you from taking that final step. It's not easy, but start facing the fear.

PERSONAL: Today I leave for the USA and touring a bit with The Magnettes on Summerfest in Milwaukee.

Monday, July 2, 2018

The new way to send demo!

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Showcase festival is the new demo listening. Today the live element is so important that it's on these showcases you find your new artists. Sending demos has almost disappeared. It was years since I found an artist that way. The past ten years it has been through live performances or tip-offs that I have found stuff.

This makes the showcase festivals more and more important and also more and more of them are held.

To build your team you have to start performing on showcases.

PERSONAL: Yesterday's theme was around special days and missing out on things. Even though I live in the way I like I have to sacrifice things. Yesterday I sacrificed a birthday party. That is not that hard really. Still, I know people thinking it was awful that I had to do that.
To do what you really want to do, most of the time you must sacrifice much more.
I get artists crying that they can't be on their partners birthday. The career has taken them on a journey somewhere else and now they are missing out.
If you really want to do it, tough decisions have to be made. I pushed my mother's funeral for a showcase festival I needed to be on. Thankfully my dad got it and changed the date so I could be at the funeral in the end. Still, yes I would skip it, the festival was too important for a lot of other things. Here it was solved, not easy but solved. After that, we usually tell the artists that the only excuse for missing out is your own wedding, children's birth or your own funeral.
It is how many bridges I'm willing to burn to be where I'm now. Yes, it would have been easy to just do the easy choice and skipped the festival. At the same time, I wouldn't have done the things I'm so much wanted to do that the festival got me. It was doing something easy to save a conflict or get the later rewards and take the bumpy road.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Trust your advicer!

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Trust the people you work with or stop working with them. Many times I meet people in the music industry telling the same thing. Artists seek out their advice but then just go in and try to question the advice.

In some cases is just the advice should be what the artist wants to hear. In others, it just seems the artist wants to get even by going against the advice you just gave.

In the end, you just feel frustrated. Much would be more simple if you just trusted the persons you work with.

PERSONAL: since we are in the thing about right partner and the career choice. I get more here.

I wrote we live in our own universe we have created. It sounds amazing?
When I write this it's my birthday. I'm 10 000 meters in the air flying from Taiwan to The Netherlands. The good part is that the stewardess offered me a glass of free champagne since it's my birthday. Still, I celebrate my birthday on a fricking airplane. I woke up alone this morning. No singing, no cake, no presents. Actually not even a party to look forward to. Even the time in Sweden was so early that the usual people saying happy birthday hadn't got up. I just skipped breakfast to sleep until noon.
Since there will be no presents I went by myself to the electronic Plaza in Taiwan to buy some stuff in the office and might find some cool present to myself. I found a puking elephant in a vending machine. Best birthday gift I ever got.
I went back checked out of my hotel room. Then I found some of the new people I meet at this conference, they were going out to eat so I joined them. Here I have already forgotten it's my birthday. Great food, great people that I have just known for 48 hours.
Then it was time to go to the airport. The organizer of the conference knew it was my birthday. So they had bought a present, also the whole staff sang for me before we left in the cab to the airport.

I know that I will not get a party. After Facebook have gossip that it is my birthday people forget about it. I guess without Facebook 95% wouldn't have a clue that it is my birthday. If I'm lucky Ulrika remembers to buy a present, to get to me when I get home, but I'm not sure she has time to do it. It's quite many training camps right now with the dogs.

I'm I sad about it? No, its a choice! I could have a normal 9 to 5 job and we could have had a really big barbecue with my friends today. I would have been home, got presents and cake.
Then I would have been forced to take off the other stuff. I wouldn't be to Taiwan getting new friends meeting amazing people. Feeling proud of the great performance The Magnettes did. Go on the red carpet in front of 3.1 billion viewers. Exploring new exotic food. I choose to live my life to the fullest every day. With that means that some special days can't be that special. But I don't want to change, just accept that I can't get it both.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Reflection on GMA

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Reflection on GMA. This is my third GMA and one of my favorites in festivals. First, it's a great gateway to Asia, but also perfect for picking really good people from the west.
Sure there is a bit of translation that can be struggling in some business meetings but that makes up that you always leave with many opportunities. Right now I feel we are close getting things done in the east, many thanks to GMA.

Personal: I wrote yesterday about having the right partner. In there I told a bit about that I sacrifice quite many relationships in my career. I think I would be single if I didn't have found a perfect person.

Okay, Ulrika came from a background in the music industry. She knows what it's all about. She knows that I want to do this, so instead of working against it, she compromises with it. At the same time, she has other goals. In this case, it's the dogs. We have two dogs (yes you can sometimes see them on the pictures in the blog). And as passionate I'm around music she is around dogs. So her career and journey in the dog field have to be met. She won't complain that I'm away on certain days. She has many times gone on family members birthdays alone when I have traveled or touring. At the same time, I have to do the same. I can arrive after being gone a month just to meet her in the door to head out for a week of dog camp and championship. And I have to go to the family things alone. Yes, she is successful with the dogs the Chodsky Pes is a Danish/Swedish champion and the Lagotto Romagnolo is very good on nosework. She is also a judge in some dog sports.

I guess the hardest part is to keep friends that are not in the music business or the dog training. We are never home almost never time to come over to visit our friends, not together at least. At the same time, it's hard to keep the conversation with us. The normal conversation around that you need to cut the grass, how nice it will be to go on vacation abroad, that you stress to get your children to activities is just not in our world. For us it's normal to always be abroad, vacation is one week every year between Christmas and Newyear. If you put a showcase festival or a dog championship there it will be no vacation. Stress is that we have to much fun to rest. Dangerous but very amusing. Still, I feel that many times I just sit on these parties and have nothing in common with anyone. How do you explain that you hanged out with Taiwan's culture minister last week and next week goes to the other side of the world visiting the world's largest festival and try out new deep dish pizza? Or get the joy living in a trailer for a week just to train dogs all the time? We live in our own universe.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Are your partner right for your career?

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Is your partner right for your career? I kind of mean question. I have seen many careers though go under because of a partner.
Like I wrote before this is not a 9 to 5 business. Have a "normal" life with time off on weekends to do your hobbies and take the kids to the park won't exist if you do it more then a hobby.

Most of the time it's not the person playing the music that has trouble to see that it is more than a hobby. It's the people around them. It's their friends, partners, and mother in laws etc that creates the demands which lead to the shortcuts that put everything to crash. I have seen shows being canceled of the death of a boyfriends hamster. Or people going crazy for the artist does not show up for the annual family reunion.

It's not easy to have a friendship or a relationship with someone that is gone two third of the year doing their job. You have to have really understanding partners and friends. And that's why people start their thankyou speeches on awards to their parents, relatives, and partners. It's not a cliche its reality. They sacrifice a lot for doing what they are doing.

So you get a partner that does the same? I guess it looks good in theory,  hard in practice. Would you be happy if your partner suddenly got the success your aiming for? Maybe you can, but the successful partner might slow down and want you on the journey? And you might not be talented enough. Yes, we have seen the very talented artist trying to promote their partner's careers. Did anyone really cared about Linda McCartney's career? We would have forgotten Yoko Ono if she didn't marry John Lennon? Many careers have gone under in the pursuit to keep the less talented in the spotlight. Also many have stopped working with an artist that always let their less talented partner come with crappy advice or just want to keep the partner off the career.

I sometimes tell the story of how many relationships I have crashed to be in the position I'm into today. This is not just musicians it's also entrepreneurs and people that want to reach a certain goal.

To have an understanding and forgiving partner is very crucial in this career choice.

Personal: Spent a week now with officials from Primavera Sound, The Great Escape, SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Modern Sky, Sound City, North by North East, C/O Pop, Le Guess Who, GMA, TIMM and some more.

Yes, the biggest showcase festivals in the world. In the same lineup, you got Live at Heart.
Still, the Swedish industry thinks you can do an international showcase if you have a booker that books a lousy gig to pubs in Sweden. And let the conference part be run by ex-people from a major record label with no international experience at all. You have to have experienced people from the international scene to pull it off. I feel many have made a bet on the wrong horse and now have to pay a costly prize.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Why not just try?

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Why not just try? Be open and try new things? Even The Beatles tried new things all the time was part of their success. Now people follow what they did. And these things seem obvious today, but people mocked them back then.
So try to be a leader instead of a follower. Try to do things first. Try something different.
I'm so tired to hear the phrase, Is this the right thing for us.
The line should not be said when an opportunity arises. Check the opportunity out and try to make it work. If not well at least you tried.

Personal: I just avoided a disaster on the export side again in Sweden. I meet an international person that showed an interesting project that involved Sweden. And as so many times before they contacted some hobby record person that hasn't done anything outside Stockholm. Of course, sending hopeless acts for no reason to this event.
I'm really tired to see so many amateur people in Sweden trying this shit. After explaining what can be done for the project and how they understood how they have been fooled by some Swedish officials that we really should switch out. I'm really tired to clean up after these bozos.

Monday, June 25, 2018

You have to wake up and think how am I taking my career forward?

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You have to wake up and think how am I taking my career forward? Most people I meet both artists and people in the industry usually claim they work hard but with some small tests, you easily see that people are really not doing that much. They rather stay in their comfort zone waiting for things to happen or just work on one target.

Just an easy test is to make an important call or meeting. I had a manager that wanted some stuff done for her band by me. I know the thing I would do was important to her. We booked a time to meet. The day before she canceled because of her kids where sick. Okay, that can happen. But also at the same time if it is important and you really want it you would have said to their dad to be home or fix a friend babysit for a couple of hours. So we booked another time. That was canceled by her busy schedule. Then it went for awhile and then I suggested a time since I was close by but she had to go out to ski with her children.

Today she is not working in the industry. She never went anywhere and her artist has closed down. In reality, she didn’t want it bad enough. She wanted it like a 9 to 5 job where her free time with family is more prioritized.

And that is okay. But I don't want to waste my time on people that just want that.

Also the same with artists if they have trouble to free time to take important meetings or opportunities you also know that the motivation might be high but not in the top that is necessary.

Many think it's not that dangerous to skip a thing or just take things later but it is a good indicator that you're not that serious.

Just waiting to do my panel on GMA. It will be fun. I might take the thing I wrote up here on it. It's about breaking bands around the world. And the biggest problem is the find the artist with the right motivation. They hide the level quite well, but I have developed some tests that I use to shine it through.

Artist: just got some new things done for my artists worldwide it will be fun to see their reactions, it's quite massive stuff.

Here hanging with Deputy Minister, Ms. Celest Hsiao-ching Ting. Yes, I have been quite determined with my career to get meetings like this.

Friday, June 22, 2018

What is a showcase festival!

I'm surprised that people don't understand what the purpose of a showcase festival is. I thought it was pretty clear, but with last times conversations, I'm not that sure any longer that people get it. Too many think the show is the most important part.

You are not at a showcase festival to do a show. Actually, the show is very secondary. If you take a showcase just to do a show you will be utterly disappointed. I guess this is the main error people do.

A showcase should be treated like a fair. On a fair, you show off your stuff you are selling. The whole thing is to get people to your stand.

It's the same here. You want different people down to your show. So your primary goal is to network as much as possible beforehand. Seek out the best people you want down to see your show to get your career going.

The best showcases I have done has just been several people. In fact, I did a showcase in Canada with just five people. But the most important five people.

Here is where many go wrong, they think that the more people or excited crowd the better. In reality, it's usually not.

On SXSW this year we did a showcase gig for four people. That gig was more important then all the other eight gigs we did for full houses.

And it was all down to network and get the right person there.

So what you have to do is research before who you want to meet. Then hang on and do your homework and be on the seminars and find even more people you want to see the show. Then try to get them down to your show.

So a normal show a bigger crowd is better. These are the ticket buyers and your potential fans. On a showcase, you want the right people that will get your career going. A showcase can be successful if there is just one person if it is the right person.

Happy Midsummer. Actually, I'm pretty glad to miss the cow bingo. Yes in our corner of the world is the joy to see a cow take a dump.

This Friday is release of Elinda - Dance with me. Check it out on YouTube.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

What risk have you taken lately?

There is always a risk to make a deal. Sometimes when you work with artists you can feel how they try so hard to minimize the risk it's not worth proceed working with them.

A couple of years ago I was in negotiations with an artist that was afraid of everything. The contract was scrutinized in every little detail. Nothing wrong with that, it's just you don't want to do it three times and still get the same skeptical questions.
In the end, the artist thought that we could work on a six month trial period and then we could decide.
Not a good move. The artist would be the same skeptical then and just keep another six months. And six months is to short to prove anything and I see a lot of trouble working for free in six months and introduce the artist in networks and don't have any safe things.
In the end, we dropped the deal. The artist is still in the thinking that we negotiate but the lack of risk-taking just said that we really couldn't get anywhere.
So in all, you must be willing to take some risk to get somewhere.

Just been on the opening VIP party at GMA. Meeting great people as usual. I feel this round will be very productive. I'm getting good feedback on the ideas I have. I like it also when the conference is of good size. Many tend to be too big, this is very good in size. Also, that Live at Heart is presented in the same speak as SXSW, the great escape, Reeperbahn, Co/Pop and Primavera sound. We are all here.

I hope I have the time to do a cool surprise for my artists this summer. Time is short but I hope to get it right.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The mistake

I had a meeting with a friend some weeks ago. He has an artist he has tried to get through for two years now. The artist is pretty good. Yes, there are some flaws it's not perfect but overall good and with the right training a star. The problem is that the artist is not getting anywhere since it won't take directions. My friend has given him so many opportunities and gets him the right spots at the right time. All with just that the artist didn't think it was cool enough.

And my friend has done the most of it. Now when we meet he told me that the artist had signed with a major label. Okay, he still had so-called management deal on to him. Still, the major deal was done by the artist, one day he walked into the office and just told him that he signed a deal.

Okay, my friend won't do any more favors for this artist. I know that. But the funny thing is that the major signed they guy since they saw him getting many opportunities and wanted the artist to keep that up. 

The problem he just pissed at the guy who took up all opportunities that the artist then pissed on. Now the artist came back and was begging him to get him on an opportunity they turned down six months ago.

I never have seen my friend so upset. The thing here is just that the artist now got feedback of what my friend did was right. At the same time, the artist blew all chances by getting a major to tell him that.

Reached my destination and started to business in the cab from the airport. It seems to be more hectic schedule than before. The GMA festival seems also be growing. 

Tomorrow The Magnettes plays their first showcase in Asia. at Golden Melody Festival in Taipei in Taiwan, it will be so cool to show them off for the Asian music industry.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Change players

Have you ever seen someone take a soccer team from they were 18 years old and win the champions league with the whole same team?

Not really so why should that be possible in the music industry? It seems like changing players is so much harder in the music industry then it in the sports world. In reality, it's not. The Beatles changed drummer before becoming big. AC/DC switch singer and Rolling Stone even dropped the guy creating the band.

Most bands think they are a gang and they will hold together and so on. But the reality is that most bands change people right before they hit off. It is like the soccer games they take out the best team just when it's a game.

I guess in many cases the downfall is that you keep a person a bit too long. I will gladly say that on our side also keep bands that will never go anywhere for long. Yes, the team switching is not easy but has to be done from time to time and nothing is holy.

I hope to be able to update my adventures in Taiwan here. if i'm not this text will still be here.

Today I will actually go back in time with the music. One of the album I'm most proud to be part of "Escapism" with Spiral motion. I just went back and saw an old poster and brought back the album and yes it's a masterpiece that never got the light that it deserved. I guess it  came in a time where it was to turbulent in the industry to get things done. To much new and to much old that wanted to much space. Still this album is so amzing. Get my favorite track "Vacuum" from Spotify.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Do the struggle

If someone would offer you that you could go around the world on free flight tickets, free hotel and play a show in each city. Why is the answer from many artists like this:

Yes, I can do that if you upgrade me to first class in both hotels and flights. The shows must though be paid even since I don't have an audience there. And they should at least hold a crowd on 700 people dedicated to my music.

The myth of the struggling artist has so many cracks in it it's really a myth. A struggling person would have jumped on the first offer. In so many cases the struggle is just a myth to hold on to. Yes, there are artists busting their asses off I know. But for those doing that hustle, there is at least a thousand thinking that they are doing the struggle. It's a bit different to struggle then just doing things like releasing music or doing Instagram posts.

The answer is not uncommon, really not. But usually in a  different way, but the context is the same. This is also the reason why many fail even with good music. If you don't do the struggle you won't even make it with the best songs.

Time to travel again. Going to Taiwan and GMA and I'm really excited as I wrote in an earlier post. I just got several VIP invitations and have meetings with great people. Still, it's a bit calmer with traveling this summer. I'm on my way into Stockholm for a last meeting before I leave with a new interesting person from Estonia

In negotation right now and it feels great. I hope everything become clear and we can get some new thing inside. Elin K released a new song last Friday here it is on Spotify.

Friday, June 15, 2018

This is how you raise your Spotify numbers!

This is how you raise your Spotify numbers! STOP LOOKING AT THEM.
The whole week has been with people sad not getting numbers, some happy having very big numbers, questions how to raise the listenings on Spotify etc.

So I will give my advice that I have given all week and sound like a parrot. Get real fans and it will all be fine. It's not Spotify as service that breaks artists. It's just an outlet where people can listen to music. And with the new rumors that Youtube and Google play launching next week who knows in two years, Spotify can have the same importance that Itunes has now. Yes, five years ago we had the same situation with Itunes. People asked how they could sell more, how to get people to buy etc. Today it's all over. and you know what, Spotify will go the same way. The company has never been in profit, Warner sold 85% of their shares directly. The stock market seems very bumpy for them. I can see more and more festivals taken off the usual Spotify talks. Everything looks that it will deflate. But like always the artists is the last to know. Sometimes I still think that some artist is using My Space still.

And this will happens over and over again that different outlets will go under and disappears. We won't get back eras like the vinyl, cd, and cassette that hold on for years. The digital cycle is much shorter. If you don't, believe me, I just say Periscope. The only way to still be active is to have fans that follow the outlet. Yes if Spotify crash Ariana Grande's fans will pick up the new field to listen to her music. She can easily migrate to different platforms because she has real fans.

So don't look to push people into a certain platform. Try to grab people in several ways and most important that they like your music and nurture that. Get people a reason to head to any platform and listen to your creations, that is what matters.

Wow, I just saw who I'm in the same panel as on GMA in Taiwan next week. I'm in the panel with Lihui Shen the CEO of Modern Sky. The biggest festival in China. I have met him before he is very good. Keum-San Hwang the manager of the content division on Mnet witch is Koreas leading cable music channel. And all moderated by Elaine Wang from Cros Music.
All done in mandarin with translators.

It's in these moments I realize how far I've gone. I'm getting on the other side of the globe speaking at a conference with very talented people. Yes, it took a while and many different crossroads. I would never have wanted it undone.

Just got in The Mommyheads new album. Sneak premiere on Brooklyn Vegan 20 of June. This will be great.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ready to give up?

My language is not perfect in the blog. I know that. And people correct me with the errors which I'm really grateful for.  Thank you all for doing it. That is really great.

A friend of mine thought that I should put down the blog since my message could be misinterpreted, switch to Swedish since I know that much better. Or just write slowly so I could correct things not just using different spelling programs. No, then I don't learn anything.
I write like I speak and that can be hard to read (and yes I speak too much as well). Sometimes I need to rethink what I have to say to be readable. But I rather put out a message that is misinterpreted then saying nothing at all. I can at least explain. and it's not really easier when you do it on a small mobile phone.

I bump into this when I work with artists, they want to be perfect. They sit on things until it's too late just to get everything perfect. Sure if you do a really big masterpiece you might do that. I don't know how many years Da Vinci did Mona Lisa but it was a quite many as I understood. In this case, I think I win more on to get things out fast. And if you do that it will not always be perfect it is still content.

And yes your first song will not be perfect, and your latest video could be worked on more. Does the audience really care? If they mind then they are not your audience anyway. When you are talented enough they come back. In the meantime don't give up, people accept more errors then you think.

I was in a negotiation of a new contract. I'm really thrilled I really like this new band. But there is, of course, a backside. This artist is a bit bigger and is more demanding. I like the challenge and it would be really fun. The work will take its toll and if it all goes through we have to drop some of our smaller acts. I guess it's part of the process still it's never fun to ditch things.

We got The Magnettes into a TV-serie, probably by mistake but hey, we have to solve that one out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Don't plan too much ahead!

It's good to have dreams but don't let those dreams take over your decisions. Yes, it's good that you plan your outfit the first time you plan on a big arena gig. But don't stubborn to change that outfit when it really happens.

Actually, I thought this never was a problem until you come a bit up witan artist. Suddenly you realize that another path is must in their career. The artist is still in on the old path and thinks you are crazy to change that.

To give out the product physically is one of these things. Older artists look really forward to have the vinyl in their hands even though I know this is really waste of money so if you don't have something extra touring it's useless to do physical product. But for the artist that can be the milestone that they have been planning for.

And here comes if you go one direction or just blow the whole thing. You have to be open to change your mind of doing these physical until they are right. Changing plans is part of a career. Taking an unknown path is really part of a career. Planning is good but be able to change plans quick is better.

I promised a thing this Monday.  I should market my blog a bit more. So now I started to put in pictures on Instagram let see if it affect people to get into my blog. It's a bit harder since you can't link. Or maybe you can and I'm just too old to get the thing.

I'm really happy that my three artists did really great on Youbloom. They are so good at networking and take care of social media. I'm blown away how good they are.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Don't take out your winning beforehand.

I see many take out their winning beforehand. It's more like yes this song is a hit so now we are safe. A hit is never a hit until many people start listening to it. And today that seems kind of hard to tell when that is really happening. Until then this hit is just a good song that you are satisfied with. No going taking out the presale and go out and party. Also since it's a good song think that you should no go the extra mile to get it to an audience, in fact when it is a good song you should take that extra mile.

I made an interview with another student essay last Friday. I really like to do these essay questions. You get time to talk about a subject that they have chosen. I guess if they then later transcript the whole thing you can find me contradict my self a hundred times. I'm always afraid that I just go out too far from the subject and it all just comes down to nothing.

This Friday we released Adées - If You Jump. A really nice song. And then we released The Parade. The funny thing with The Parade that contains almost the same members like the old band Jeremiah, so it's like going back and work with them again. Okay, it's more of a hobby project, still, they do great music.

Monday, June 11, 2018

You have to go back to the reasons why you do it.

Today I was really fed up on the blog. I feel like I just whine about the same stories and same artist mistakes over and over.

I know I still want to write when things pass me in my daily work. Still, I feel like this could be my last post.

Then I had to go back to why I started the blog. It was to prove to my artist that if you keep up a thing you pick up fans. I mean there are 200 people reading my whining every day. Better than many of my artist's channels.

So what to do? Well, make it interesting again! Change things in the blog! Make new sections! But of all do another sort of marketing and put up a new goal.

In fact, I have never marked the blog. So let's do that! Let's put in new sections. I love to tell the story's from on the road in real life. Here I have to hide them. Here is mainly thoughts. I should tell the stories of the band I work with. I'm lucky to work with such fantastic people. So I will do that! New section tour memories! Not just memories it will be things we are working on and how we do it.
Let's do this and here comes the new blog. Or it will be like it is but with new sections.

And I'm excited again. A more personal blog.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Kill them with kindness.

Be nice treat people like humans. The words were from our last panel on Youbloom. Mayla who said it has a long career as a live artist around the world. She added it's funny that really have to say that. A bit of nice treatment can take you far.

I agree. The climate has changed. Luckily many artists are really nice and good people. But there are more and more that lick upwards and kick downwards and really don't understand you do this to the same person.

Many people don't know that I read all conversations we have on our distribution side. That side and the booking of the showcase festival is one of the few we still deal with amateur musicians. And in many cases, I jump in and answer when the team has much to do.

And in several cases, I can meet artists behaving like assholes just because they don't know who is behind the screen. For small reasons (many times caused by themselves or by their ignorance) they act like spoiled stubborn 5-year-old kids.

Then a couple of days later I will meet the same artist but this time seeking a gig on the festival. Suddenly they are very friendly with the booking team.

Of course, karma is the shit. If they behave like that on one place I really don't want them on a festival where they lick the booker's ass and then act like shit on the sound technician.
And it can the other way. There was an artist behaving really unprofessional to our booking team. Suddenly at a conference earlier this month, they sought me up since they wanted to be on our label. And not getting it they were very friendly towards the same person they spoke too two weeks before since they thought I still was the A&R on the label (I'm now A&R on the management). And same here Karma came up and bit them, twice since I also talked to a booker on another festival about their ways.
Then I had a really nice artist coming up to me asking for advice about how to get into our festival. She didn't know that I worked on the festival, she just had heard I had band played there. So I played along gave some advice at the same time telling the booking team to take an extra look at her application.
Or the guy talking on the distribution. He had made an error. But was very friendly and nice. Normally we can't fix this error that easy. Though he was very polite and nice, not screaming and shouting. I after the chat went and tried to fix the error with my very sensitive extra ways that are only used in emergencies. He got that because he was nice.

Kill them with kindness my friend Åsa always told me. It's hard sometimes, but I have become better over the years on it. And it takes you further.

For me, it's interesting to see both sides.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Would you catch it or would you let it slip?

If I gave you an opportunity to play your song in front of a couple of million people on television. Guarantee you a gold record in sales or even more and get a decent income on your live shows. Would you say no?

Most will answer hell no I would easily do it. But then if I told you it was in the wrong format. You will be in a boyband/girlband not with what you want to express, yes your songs but not the production you like? Still wanna do it?

I guess many would still say yes, but some will jump off.

Then we add to the twist, if you jump off you will lose your team. You have to start all over again, finding new musicians, producers, bookers, agents you name it. Back to the bottom. Would you still jump off?

I guess many choose to stay, it's not that horrible and you lose more to jump off. You know what? Most actually jumps off. Why? I don't know but every time it becomes quite real not just a dream people start to slip. They start to question everything and want to stop the speeding train that they are on.

I know at least 50 artist careers that have gone to a standstill because of one lousy decision when the train was moving. 50 artists that now can't live out of their music and goes to a sucky 9 to 5 job. Many of them later start to take up the pieces when they are over 40 years old thinking that it's time then and they are better prepared. But it is lost forever, after the standstill you really can't jump on the rail and try with hand power to get the train going again. You just let the opportunity slip.

I most of the time talking about a rocket that just goes into the sky. When you start to say no to opportunities the rocket stops and that is your peak.

So why do they say no? Usually, because they are scared. The dream becomes a reality, sometimes the dream is better as just a dream. Or a vision that has no reality to it. A vision that just jumps from one place to another. One day you are fighting hard on the small stage and then in a magical twist, you are on the big stage playing headliner. That never happens to the ones saying no and stops the rocket. The ones that make it take the chances and keep going forward. There is no "right" decision, no next step. It's all just go on the next opportunity and take as much advantage on it as possible. The rest is just bullshit.

The only time you can choose is when you have several opportunities. But then try to combine them to get the most. Still most of the time there is not two opportunities at the same time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don't overthink things.

Stop lying in bed and think of small details that you think could change things. Yes, we always talk about details that make things better. In reality, it doesn't matter. It's the big picture that matters.

If your song is not up for the task it's not. No perfect press release or great album cover will change that. And a great song can be released on a wrong day with the wrong picture and still make it. Yes, the small details can make the process shorter. So yes you should do them but not hang up on them.

So stop worrying. What happens will happen. In most cases, this worrying won't do any good.

Also, don't build a rock-solid plan in your head. I quite many times get artist angry with after the first momentum change their rock-solid plan. A lot is to have things ready to throw in, not have them executed on a certain date.

Be open to changes. No plan that was a success in the music industry was solid from the beginning. It's mainly to follow what happens and be fast and ready to gain the opportunities.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

No one is hopeless, but..

No one is hopeless. You can practice things so they work. You can buy songs if you not a good writer. You can get your live show great also with professional help. There is no real hopeless case.

The problem is to be stubborn about things. Keep on writing your own songs just because you want to, but they are not up to date. Think that you can do a perfect show without help. Think that your taste for artwork is better than a pro.

This is the thing that people fail from. Sure if you are really talented all things will go faster. But being stubborn about a solution can break your career.

The bigger you get the more of your artistic career will be scrutinized. And yes some advice is wrong, but many are right. It's an art form to know when to be stubborn and when to just hang on. And it is hard to select in the armada of criticism.

And also rethink things is important. See it in a new light. That is the hard part of an artist career.

Monday, June 4, 2018

How to find the right person.

Santa Claus must be a popular and very real person among artists! In their questions, they always ask for a person that is magical as Santa.

We need to find the right person! Can you present us to someone?

To be totally clear this person doesn't exist. Sure a person with a good network is needed but even with the best network, they are limited. In reality, not even the biggest boss on the biggest label can guarantee a success. No even money won't help here.

It's down to a network and how the artist could adapt to that network. So it, not one person, rather a hundred. Since they all have their unique skill and their agenda you have to be flexible and patience to get things done.

Unlike Santa, this person can't get you big or take to "the next step" fast. Just the first steps will take six months. And usually, these people asking this question is need of a quick fix.

The right person, right gig, right moment. Is as real as Santa's raindeers and elves. I don't know when we should start to learn the artists it's a chain reaction that propelled them into a momentum.

Another bad side effect of this is that some also change people when they fast realize that the "magic" is not there. First, they think the person is holy when they see through that they start looking again after the next one. In the end, they just get a bad reputation of not be trustworthy.

And here is the right person with a buttplug.