Friday, June 22, 2018

What is a showcase festival!

I'm surprised that people doesn't understand what the purpose of a showcase festival is. I thought it was pretty clear, but with last times conversations I'm not that sure anylonger that people get it. To many think the show is the most important part.

You are not on a showcase festival to do a show. Actually the show is very secondary. If you take a showcase just to do a show you will be utterly disappointed. I guess this is the main error people do.

A showcase should be treated like a fair. On a fair you show off your stuff you are selling. The whole thing is to get people to your stand.

It's the same here. You want different people down to your show. So your primarily goal is to network as much as possible beforehand. Seek out the best people you want down to see your show to get your career going.

The best showcases I have done has just been several people. In fact I did a showcase in Canada with just five people. But the most important five people.

Here is where many go wrong, they think that the more people or excited crowed the better. In reality it's usually not.

On SXSW this year we did a showcase gig for four people. That gig was more important then all the other eight gigs we did for full houses.

And it was all down to network and get the right person there.

So what you have to do is research before who you want to meet. Then hang on and do your homework and be on the seminars and find even more people you want to see the show. Then try to get them down to your show.

So a normal show a bigger crowd is better. These are the ticket buyers and your potential fans. On a showcase you want the right people that will get your career going. A showcase can be successful if there is just one person, if it is the right person.

Happy Midsummer. Actually I'm pretty glad to miss the cow bingo. Yes in our corner of the world is the joy to see a cow take a dump.

This Friday is release of Elinda - Dance with me. Check it out on YouTube.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

What risk have you taken lately?

There is always a risk to make a deal. Sometimes when you work with artists you can feel how they try so hard to minimize the risk it's not worth proceed working with them.

A couple of years ago I was in  negotiations with an artist that was afraid of everything. The contract was scrutinized in every little detail. Nothing wrong with that, it's just you don't want to do it three times and still get the same sceptical questions.
In the end the artist thought that we could work on six month trial period and then we could decide.
Not a good move. The artist would be the same sceptical then and just keep another six months. And six months is to short to prove anything and I see alot of trouble working for free in six months and introduce the artist in networks and don't have any safe things.
In the end we dropped the deal. The artist is still in the thinking that we are negotiate but the lack of risk taking just said that we really couldn't get anywhere.
So in all you must be willing to take some risk to get somewhere.

Just been on the opening vip party at GMA. Meeting great people as usual. I feel this round will be very productive. Im getting good feedback on the ideas I have. I like it also when the conference is in good size. Many tend to be too big, this is very good in size. Also that Live at Heart is presented in the same speak as Sxsw, the great escape, Reeperbahn, Co/Pop and Primavera sound. We are all here.

I hope I have the time to do cool surprise for my artists this summer. Time is short but I hope to get it right.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The mistake

I had a meeting with a friend some weeks ago. He has an artist he has tried to get through for two years now. The artist is pretty good. Yes, there are some flaws it's not perfect but overall good and with the right training a star. The problem is that the artist is not getting anywhere since it won't take directions. My friend has given him so many opportunities and gets him the right spots at the right time. All with just that the artist didn't think it was cool enough.

And my friend has done the most of it. Now when we meet he told me that the artist had signed with a major label. Okay, he still had so-called management deal on to him. Still, the major deal was done by the artist, one day he walked into the office and just told him that he signed a deal.

Okay, my friend won't do any more favors for this artist. I know that. But the funny thing is that the major signed they guy since they saw him getting many oppertunitys and wanted the artist to keep that up. 

The problem he just pissed at the guy who took up all opportunities that the artist then pissed on. Now the artist came back and was begging him to get him on an opportunity they turned down six months ago.

I never have seen my friend so upset. The thing here is just that the artist now got feedback of what my friend did was right. At the same time, the artist blew all chances by getting a major to tell him that.

Reached my destination and started to buissness in the cab from the airport. It seems to be more hectic schedule then before. The GMA festival seems also be growing. 

Tomorrow The Magnettes plays their first showcase in Asia. at Golden Melody Festival in Taipei in Taiwan, it will be so cool to show them off for the Asian music industry.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Change players

Have you ever seen someone take a soccer team from they were 18 years old and win the champions league with the whole same team?

Not really so why should that be possible in the music industry? It seems like changing players is so much harder in the music industry then it in the sports world. In reality, it's not. The Beatles changed drummer before becoming big. AC/DC switch singer and Rolling Stone even dropped the guy creating the band.

Most bands think they are a gang and they will hold together and so on. But the reality is that most bands change people right before they hit off. It is like the soccer games they take out the best team just when it's a game.

I guess in many cases the downfall is that you keep a person a bit too long. I will gladly say that on our side also keep bands that will never go anywhere for long. Yes, the team switching is not easy but has to be done from time to time and nothing is holy.

I hope to be able to update my adventures in Taiwan here. if i'm not this text will still be here.

Today I will actually go back in time with the music. One of the album I'm most proud to be part of "Escapism" with Spiral motion. I just went back and saw an old poster and brought back the album and yes it's a masterpiece that never got the light that it deserved. I guess it  came in a time where it was to turbulent in the industry to get things done. To much new and to much old that wanted to much space. Still this album is so amzing. Get my favorite track "Vacuum" from Spotify.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Do the struggle

If someone would offer you that you could go around the world on free flight tickets, free hotel and play a show in each city. Why is the answer from many artists like this:

Yes, I can do that if you upgrade me to first class in both hotels and flights. The shows must though be paid even since I don't have an audience there. And they should at least hold a crowd on 700 people dedicated to my music.

The myth of the struggling artist has so many cracks in it it's really a myth. A struggling person would have jumped on the first offer. In so many cases the struggle is just a myth to hold on to. Yes, there are artists busting their asses off I know. But for those doing that hustle, there is at least a thousand thinking that they are doing the struggle. It's a bit different to struggle then just doing things like releasing music or doing Instagram posts.

The answer is not uncommon, really not. But usually in a  different way, but the context is the same. This is also the reason why many fail even with good music. If you don't do the struggle you won't even make it with the best songs.

Time to travel again. Going to Taiwan and GMA and I'm really excited as I wrote in an earlier post. I just got several VIP invitations and have meetings with great people. Still, it's a bit calmer with traveling this summer. I'm on my way into Stockholm for a last meeting before I leave with a new interesting person from Estonia

In negotation right now and it feels great. I hope everything become clear and we can get some new thing inside. Elin K released a new song last Friday here it is on Spotify.

Friday, June 15, 2018

This is how you raise your Spotify numbers!

This is how you raise your Spotify numbers! STOP LOOKING AT THEM.
The whole week has been with people sad not getting numbers, some happy having very big numbers, questions how to raise the listenings on Spotify etc.

So I will give my advice that I have given all week and sound like a parrot. Get real fans and it will all be fine. It's not Spotify as service that breaks artists. It's just an outlet where people can listen to music. And with the new rumors that Youtube and Google play launching next week who knows in two years, Spotify can have the same importance that Itunes has now. Yes, five years ago we had the same situation with Itunes. People asked how they could sell more, how to get people to buy etc. Today it's all over. and you know what, Spotify will go the same way. The company has never been in profit, Warner sold 85% of their shares directly. The stock market seems very bumpy for them. I can see more and more festivals taken off the usual Spotify talks. Everything looks that it will deflate. But like always the artists is the last to know. Sometimes I still think that some artist is using My Space still.

And this will happens over and over again that different outlets will go under and disappears. We won't get back eras like the vinyl, cd, and cassette that hold on for years. The digital cycle is much shorter. If you don't, believe me, I just say Periscope. The only way to still be active is to have fans that follow the outlet. Yes if Spotify crash Ariana Grande's fans will pick up the new field to listen to her music. She can easily migrate to different platforms because she has real fans.

So don't look to push people into a certain platform. Try to grab people in several ways and most important that they like your music and nurture that. Get people a reason to head to any platform and listen to your creations, that is what matters.

Wow, I just saw who I'm in the same panel as on GMA in Taiwan next week. I'm in the panel with Lihui Shen the CEO of Modern Sky. The biggest festival in China. I have met him before he is very good. Keum-San Hwang the manager of the content division on Mnet witch is Koreas leading cable music channel. And all moderated by Elaine Wang from Cros Music.
All done in mandarin with translators.

It's in these moments I realize how far I've gone. I'm getting on the other side of the globe speaking at a conference with very talented people. Yes, it took a while and many different crossroads. I would never have wanted it undone.

Just got in The Mommyheads new album. Sneak premiere on Brooklyn Vegan 20 of June. This will be great.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ready to give up?

My language is not perfect in the blog. I know that. And people correct me with the errors which I'm really grateful for.  Thank you all for doing it. That is really great.

A friend of mine thought that I should put down the blog since my message could be misinterpreted, switch to Swedish since I know that much better. Or just write slowly so I could correct things not just using different spelling programs. No, then I don't learn anything.
I write like I speak and that can be hard to read (and yes I speak too much as well). Sometimes I need to rethink what I have to say to be readable. But I rather put out a message that is misinterpreted then saying nothing at all. I can at least explain. and it's not really easier when you do it on a small mobile phone.

I bump into this when I work with artists, they want to be perfect. They sit on things until it's too late just to get everything perfect. Sure if you do a really big masterpiece you might do that. I don't know how many years Da Vinci did Mona Lisa but it was a quite many as I understood. In this case, I think I win more on to get things out fast. And if you do that it will not always be perfect it is still content.

And yes your first song will not be perfect, and your latest video could be worked on more. Does the audience really care? If they mind then they are not your audience anyway. When you are talented enough they come back. In the meantime don't give up, people accept more errors then you think.

I was in a negotiation of a new contract. I'm really thrilled I really like this new band. But there is, of course, a backside. This artist is a bit bigger and is more demanding. I like the challenge and it would be really fun. The work will take its toll and if it all goes through we have to drop some of our smaller acts. I guess it's part of the process still it's never fun to ditch things.

We got The Magnettes into a TV-serie, probably by mistake but hey, we have to solve that one out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Don't plan too much ahead!

It's good to have dreams but don't let those dreams take over your decisions. Yes, it's good that you plan your outfit the first time you plan on a big arena gig. But don't stubborn to change that outfit when it really happens.

Actually, I thought this never was a problem until you come a bit up witan artist. Suddenly you realize that another path is must in their career. The artist is still in on the old path and thinks you are crazy to change that.

To give out the product physically is one of these things. Older artists look really forward to have the vinyl in their hands even though I know this is really waste of money so if you don't have something extra touring it's useless to do physical product. But for the artist that can be the milestone that they have been planning for.

And here comes if you go one direction or just blow the whole thing. You have to be open to change your mind of doing these physical until they are right. Changing plans is part of a career. Taking an unknown path is really part of a career. Planning is good but be able to change plans quick is better.

I promised a thing this Monday.  I should market my blog a bit more. So now I started to put in pictures on Instagram let see if it affect people to get into my blog. It's a bit harder since you can't link. Or maybe you can and I'm just too old to get the thing.

I'm really happy that my three artists did really great on Youbloom. They are so good at networking and take care of social media. I'm blown away how good they are.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Don't take out your winning beforehand.

I see many take out their winning beforehand. It's more like yes this song is a hit so now we are safe. A hit is never a hit until many people start listening to it. And today that seems kind of hard to tell when that is really happening. Until then this hit is just a good song that you are satisfied with. No going taking out the presale and go out and party. Also since it's a good song think that you should no go the extra mile to get it to an audience, in fact when it is a good song you should take that extra mile.

I made an interview with another student essay last Friday. I really like to do these essay questions. You get time to talk about a subject that they have chosen. I guess if they then later transcript the whole thing you can find me contradict my self a hundred times. I'm always afraid that I just go out too far from the subject and it all just comes down to nothing.

This Friday we released Adées - If You Jump. A really nice song. And then we released The Parade. The funny thing with The Parade that contains almost the same members like the old band Jeremiah, so it's like going back and work with them again. Okay, it's more of a hobby project, still, they do great music.

Monday, June 11, 2018

You have to go back to the reasons why you do it.

Today I was really fed up on the blog. I feel like I just whine about the same stories and same artist mistakes over and over.

I know I still want to write when things pass me in my daily work. Still, I feel like this could be my last post.

Then I had to go back to why I started the blog. It was to prove to my artist that if you keep up a thing you pick up fans. I mean there are 200 people reading my whining every day. Better than many of my artist's channels.

So what to do? Well, make it interesting again! Change things in the blog! Make new sections! But of all do another sort of marketing and put up a new goal.

In fact, I have never marked the blog. So let's do that! Let's put in new sections. I love to tell the story's from on the road in real life. Here I have to hide them. Here is mainly thoughts. I should tell the stories of the band I work with. I'm lucky to work with such fantastic people. So I will do that! New section tour memories! Not just memories it will be things we are working on and how we do it.
Let's do this and here comes the new blog. Or it will be like it is but with new sections.

And I'm excited again. A more personal blog.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Kill them with kindness.

Be nice treat people like humans. The words were from our last panel on Youbloom. Mayla who said it has a long career as a live artist around the world. She added it's funny that really have to say that. A bit of nice treatment can take you far.

I agree. The climate has changed. Luckily many artists are really nice and good people. But there are more and more that lick upwards and kick downwards and really don't understand you do this to the same person.

Many people don't know that I read all conversations we have on our distribution side. That side and the booking of the showcase festival is one of the few we still deal with amateur musicians. And in many cases, I jump in and answer when the team has much to do.

And in several cases, I can meet artists behaving like assholes just because they don't know who is behind the screen. For small reasons (many times caused by themselves or by their ignorance) they act like spoiled stubborn 5-year-old kids.

Then a couple of days later I will meet the same artist but this time seeking a gig on the festival. Suddenly they are very friendly with the booking team.

Of course, karma is the shit. If they behave like that on one place I really don't want them on a festival where they lick the booker's ass and then act like shit on the sound technician.
And it can the other way. There was an artist behaving really unprofessional to our booking team. Suddenly at a conference earlier this month, they sought me up since they wanted to be on our label. And not getting it they were very friendly towards the same person they spoke too two weeks before since they thought I still was the A&R on the label (I'm now A&R on the management). And same here Karma came up and bit them, twice since I also talked to a booker on another festival about their ways.
Then I had a really nice artist coming up to me asking for advice about how to get into our festival. She didn't know that I worked on the festival, she just had heard I had band played there. So I played along gave some advice at the same time telling the booking team to take an extra look at her application.
Or the guy talking on the distribution. He had made an error. But was very friendly and nice. Normally we can't fix this error that easy. Though he was very polite and nice, not screaming and shouting. I after the chat went and tried to fix the error with my very sensitive extra ways that are only used in emergencies. He got that because he was nice.

Kill them with kindness my friend Åsa always told me. It's hard sometimes, but I have become better over the years on it. And it takes you further.

For me, it's interesting to see both sides.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Would you catch it or would you let it slip?

If I gave you an opportunity to play your song in front of a couple of million people on television. Guarantee you a gold record in sales or even more and get a decent income on your live shows. Would you say no?

Most will answer hell no I would easily do it. But then if I told you it was in the wrong format. You will be in a boyband/girlband not with what you want to express, yes your songs but not the production you like? Still wanna do it?

I guess many would still say yes, but some will jump off.

Then we add to the twist, if you jump off you will lose your team. You have to start all over again, finding new musicians, producers, bookers, agents you name it. Back to the bottom. Would you still jump off?

I guess many choose to stay, it's not that horrible and you lose more to jump off. You know what? Most actually jumps off. Why? I don't know but every time it becomes quite real not just a dream people start to slip. They start to question everything and want to stop the speeding train that they are on.

I know at least 50 artist careers that have gone to a standstill because of one lousy decision when the train was moving. 50 artists that now can't live out of their music and goes to a sucky 9 to 5 job. Many of them later start to take up the pieces when they are over 40 years old thinking that it's time then and they are better prepared. But it is lost forever, after the standstill you really can't jump on the rail and try with hand power to get the train going again. You just let the opportunity slip.

I most of the time talking about a rocket that just goes into the sky. When you start to say no to opportunities the rocket stops and that is your peak.

So why do they say no? Usually, because they are scared. The dream becomes a reality, sometimes the dream is better as just a dream. Or a vision that has no reality to it. A vision that just jumps from one place to another. One day you are fighting hard on the small stage and then in a magical twist, you are on the big stage playing headliner. That never happens to the ones saying no and stops the rocket. The ones that make it take the chances and keep going forward. There is no "right" decision, no next step. It's all just go on the next opportunity and take as much advantage on it as possible. The rest is just bullshit.

The only time you can choose is when you have several opportunities. But then try to combine them to get the most. Still most of the time there is not two opportunities at the same time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don't overthink things.

Stop lying in bed and think of small details that you think could change things. Yes, we always talk about details that make things better. In reality, it doesn't matter. It's the big picture that matters.

If your song is not up for the task it's not. No perfect press release or great album cover will change that. And a great song can be released on a wrong day with the wrong picture and still make it. Yes, the small details can make the process shorter. So yes you should do them but not hang up on them.

So stop worrying. What happens will happen. In most cases, this worrying won't do any good.

Also, don't build a rock-solid plan in your head. I quite many times get artist angry with after the first momentum change their rock-solid plan. A lot is to have things ready to throw in, not have them executed on a certain date.

Be open to changes. No plan that was a success in the music industry was solid from the beginning. It's mainly to follow what happens and be fast and ready to gain the opportunities.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

No one is hopeless, but..

No one is hopeless. You can practice things so they work. You can buy songs if you not a good writer. You can get your live show great also with professional help. There is no real hopeless case.

The problem is to be stubborn about things. Keep on writing your own songs just because you want to, but they are not up to date. Think that you can do a perfect show without help. Think that your taste for artwork is better than a pro.

This is the thing that people fail from. Sure if you are really talented all things will go faster. But being stubborn about a solution can break your career.

The bigger you get the more of your artistic career will be scrutinized. And yes some advice is wrong, but many are right. It's an art form to know when to be stubborn and when to just hang on. And it is hard to select in the armada of criticism.

And also rethink things is important. See it in a new light. That is the hard part of an artist career.

Monday, June 4, 2018

How to find the right person.

Santa Claus must be a popular and very real person among artists! In their questions, they always ask for a person that is magical as Santa.

We need to find the right person! Can you present us to someone?

To be totally clear this person doesn't exist. Sure a person with a good network is needed but even with the best network, they are limited. In reality, not even the biggest boss on the biggest label can guarantee a success. No even money won't help here.

It's down to a network and how the artist could adapt to that network. So it, not one person, rather a hundred. Since they all have their unique skill and their agenda you have to be flexible and patience to get things done.

Unlike Santa, this person can't get you big or take to "the next step" fast. Just the first steps will take six months. And usually, these people asking this question is need of a quick fix.

The right person, right gig, right moment. Is as real as Santa's raindeers and elves. I don't know when we should start to learn the artists it's a chain reaction that propelled them into a momentum.

Another bad side effect of this is that some also change people when they fast realize that the "magic" is not there. First, they think the person is holy when they see through that they start looking again after the next one. In the end, they just get a bad reputation of not be trustworthy.

And here is the right person with a buttplug.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Who can you trust? The PR firm that f**ks up your track.

I can get annoyed that artists are going through processes and not trusting anything. They act like they live in former eastern Europe and a spooked by everything.

Last week I spoke to a friend that was hiring two PR firms. These PR firms are one of the more famous ones and have a long row of famous artists that use them. My friend had been in long discussions with and had made a plan for his new release.

I meet him at a convention and he asked what I thought about these two PR agencies. I told him that they are famous ones and seems to do a good job. My friend then explained their PR plan and each step they will do, and it was full of mistakes. Not just mistakes rookie mistakes that a PR company should know guide their artist not to do.

First, they released the track in the middle of the week? Saying it was less competition. Yes, it's a reason for that. Friday is the official day in the world to release music. Most lists, programs, and other things updates on Friday. To release on another day then that is getting a guarantee that the track doesn't get any attention at the streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or Apple. Have less chance to get rotation on radio and less chance to be written about on blogs. Simply since you mess up the process of publishing things for these tastemakers

I asked if they were not doing any PR against the streaming services. The answer he got was that Spotify is not that important. If the track goes well somewhere else it will gain traction.
That is just bullshit! You get a much tougher job if you don't present the music to them. And most sources like press and radio usually don't affect the listeners on Spotify. So it's a must that you do these steps to even have the slightest chance to get anything out of this single. I guess they tell stuff like that since they don't know how to market to these sites.

I asked if he had gotten the codes from the distributor to send to the streaming services? The PR agencies had never asked for any codes, which means they couldn't have been promoting him to the most important streaming services. In reality, they haven't even tried.

Not just that they asked him to release in the middle of the week. They asked him to release it and then they would send out to radio and media since they needed the Spotify link and could only get that after a release.

I was baffled, you can get that link beforehand. More baffled that they were totally crashing my friend's release. Not even a rookie trying to do PR would have done a worse job, and these claimed to be top of the line. Working with the biggest stars in Sweden and all, still, they had very little know how to make PR in the new digital landscape.

I'm not that surprised though. I got an artist I work with myself, hiring a famous PR firm that claimed to be the best. They were expensive and got a few things for him. In a test, I told the artist that if he gave me half of the budget I will try to get a better result. He did and my in-house PR team with minimal effort got three times more result then this PR firm. Especially on streaming services, but also much more on international blogs.

So I apologize all artists, you have all rights to be suspicious. When the most renowned firms fuck things up like this, who can you really trust?

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Disguise

I have been writing about it before, that people some think that it's their things I write about. Today I had another incident of that. A person thought it was their story I was writing about. It was not but when I thought about it, yes it was kind of similar.

And that is the problem, the issues we actually are going through is the same all the time. I sometimes have trouble to write about something new. It feels most issues have already been written about on the blog. They are just another version, but the center of the problem is the same.

It's about ignorance. It's about not going for it full time. It's about not having good enough songs. It's about not being an asshole. Not always thinking with feelings. And most of all the fear of making mistakes.

I write these beforehand so sometimes when I have written about a subject days before the exact problem comes up days later and I have to hurry to reschedule so the person doesn't think I wrote that about their problem.

Right now it feels like all problems are in the air so whatever I write about it's there.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Some knowledge is required!

I just got a mail.

Hello, I'm the manager of the artist **** and I have some questions about some stuff. Can you email me or call me at ****.

This is an artist that we dropped three years ago, mainly because he was a pain in the ass stupid. The funny part is that the manager is also an artist we dropped several years ago for the same reason. I guess now they joined forces to be the stupidest team in the music industry.

And yes they are stupid, you just look on the email which contains two rows and you see it. So you want me to dig something up from years ago around an artist that we don't work with any longer or have any rights around any longer? But you are not smart enough to write what you want to be dug up. No, you require that I should take my precious time to write back to you by email or call you up to find out what you want!

Second, whatever it is that you want we probably can't help. Whatever you forgot back in the past is not worth getting back to. Specially when the things never worked out and didn't go anywhere.

In reality, I don't have time to spend on shit like this so of course I just marked it off. And yes I know he will bug around trying to make contact but not revealing what the fuck he wants. And he will be complaining that we never answer.

And here you have the answer why people say we are hard to reach. Yes for some people we are. The ones with the right questions get answers in minutes others days and some never.

Knowledge like this is crucial and required.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Listen first, write later!

Going through applications from different artist both on the demo side and on the festival side. And man people are dumb! Mainly managers think that sending an email with their artist will get them on the company or the festival. First, the festival has an application system so we get in all the info we need around a booking. Without doing that application your artist will not even be considered. How hard can it be if you doing a tax form you won't write the government a fucking email saying that you will do the VAT this year. They only care if you really fill out the form. Same here. The artist won't even be considered if they haven't done the application, which is kind of an easy form to fill out.

I mean I won't even consider a damn artist that doesn't want to take the time to fill out the most elementary. Not doing that just shows ignorance and that I really don't want to book to the festival. In other words, the form takes off lazy asses and loose cannons.

And I tell this to everyone, even the mangers that keeps insisting sending emails straight in begging to be booked and in the end get a big paycheck out of a showcase festival seems to be unknown for them even though we meet on one. And if I didn't tell them it says straight on the site what is possible. So just sending an email tells me directly that you haven't read the site.

Demos is even worse. We have the same procedure. But here it is okay if you meet me and I told you to send stuff straight in. Here is more the problem that people won't say what they want me to do with their music. Is just music and a story what they have done not what is coming up.

So in all listen to what I have to say before you just write to me out of the blue. Follow the instructions will take you closer to the goal, I promise.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Weekend off

I just did it. Just shut everything down over the weekend. Turned my phone off, didn't look on social media. I just turned things on and see who thought I disappeared from the earth surface.

Now you think that I found out that no one was seeking me out. That was wrong my mailbox has over 100 new emails (I guess though many of these are GDPR stuff). I see my facebook has over 6 new messages and over 50 different notifications. So yes there was activity. I still find it that most of these messages can wait. But people are demanding to get everything instantly and here is where we will have a huge problem. In fact, I have been working 24/7 the past three months. No days off and with a very big traveling schedule. And this Friday I really got a bad headache and last time I had a headache years ago I had severe meningitis by a tick bite. I kind of warning that you are overheating the system. Just to take the weekend off.

So back now Sunday evening checking all. My headache disappeared slept a lot. The weather was great and I did some gardening work and some fishing. It was great and needed. Who were the people that are screaming out that they need my attention? You would guess the ones I work closest with or the festival where I should speak on in a week or my bands releasing stuff in two weeks or the video shoot we are working on?

None witch actually has some real stuff. No the ones that have sent several messages complaining that we don't answer is demo artists. I can see several emails from bands that haven't got an answer on their application that ends on Thursday. First these artists I probably not being booked anyway but since last day is 31 of may it would be kind of mean to say no to them after we have gone through all applications.

Then there is someone that needs to release their music. He starts to mess on Friday night and is very upset that he hasn't got an answer how fast he can put things online. Also here really no one cares about his release. In fact, there should be a system stopping people like this to even give out music.

Then there is a party that also needs a quick answer, a party I really have no intention to go on.

It is what I thought most of the things that are in a hurry is usually not important. I guess now on this summer I will start to turn my self into off mode on the weekends.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Give your music the worst chance

I really don't get people that still ask how fast you can get out a track online. There is no really good reason to do that. It's just pointless and really stupid.

I just don't get the hurry? You can always push a release. I never have seen anything goes off just because you released it fast. The only thing I have ween is you lose on it. 

So there is no point to release a track in the same week it's finished, whatever you think or say.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I was in a panel the other day and one of the topics that came up is that the new generation of artists is lazy. In my opinion, it's not just the artists it the whole society that has become lazy.

Another in the panel said to use Google when people asked how to find things. And yes the laziness seems to come with all the aid we actually have nowadays. Most info is out there and very easy to access.

You thought that if you want to send a demo to a record label you visit their homepage and check if they have info on how to send the demo to them?

No, you hit them up on Instagram and ask how to send it. And the answer would be to go to the homepage to check how to send. The laziness to not check before asking probably would get me off the hook beforehand. If they can't gather easy info from a homepage how the hell should they fix a real artist career.

Don't mix this up with when you meet me and politely ask if you can send links to me. That is really not lazy that is progressive and then I would give you my email.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The past days I have been speaking with people around the blog. It's always hearing what people think. It puts me back where the artist is many times.

And of course, it's harder to take the critics. But it's great to hear it. You then know what you can do better or change.

Or keep. What people think is just a voice. Never forget that when an A&R people say what to change things. The hard part is to know what to change and not lose your thing. It's a just one mind. Sometimes you can get the clue that many says the same things. Sometimes if that thing is what you want to keep it.

Some say I'm mean to the artist in the blog. Yes I'm, it's part of the whole thing. I want to tell it from the industry side. Give an opportunity to see how we think. I hear so many times that we say one thing on a panel like we listen to all things we get in. Then in the green room, everyone admits to not doing that. We can see in the mail if it worth to listen to. It's like we want to wrap things up and protect the artist. But it's also not telling the truth. So this is a balance and I feel sometimes I'm on either wrong side. Still, it's just my voice, one opinion.

The other is, of course, the language. Yes, it's harder to write witty and get the point through in English, it's not easy since it's not my first language. Here are things I'm working on. Try to read through more and find mistakes. Also, use better tools when I can. Here is something that I need to work on.

I love to hear things around it. Talking about the topics and the things I can do better. I hope I can take the critics as I want an artist to use my criticism.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Reflection on New Skool Rules

Just left New Skool Rules. Had a great time. I like these smaller showcase festivals. In this case, though it's small but biggest in the Urban scene. For any artist in this genre, this is the starting point for a career. Yes, you have to work hard and put in things but this is genuine and has all the right people. This is just dope!

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Myth

Thinking big, don't let anyone stop you, you can do it. Things you hear from self-proclaimed motivation speakers. Yes, it's good that you have positive thoughts. But it's not the whole story.

Many of the stories that are going on are very often done by the Pr departments. The story that the artist was discovered on the street and taking on a fantastic journey is true. But many crucial details are taken off just to make the story faster and more understandable.

In reality, we are simplifying kind of complex things. The problem is that for the reader it looks like it just happens. The hard work from the team is mainly gone or disguised as luck.

In many cases, I also see that the artist have no clue what really was going on. So when they get the question they just it happened. A lot was done by the team.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Head first in the wall.

Your friend comes up with the smart idea to run into a wall head first. You tell him doing that will hurt. Then your friend starts to argue that he has the right to do whatever he wants, and it won't hurt that much, maybe he will even get through the wall.

After telling him a couple of times that this is not a good idea and still he wants to do it, you wonder if there is a point in arguing about this. In a way let him run into the wall head first and hope for not that much damage.

In the old days, I would keep on arguing to save it. Now I know it won't work. It's better to pick up the pieces then try to prove that it hurts to run head-on into a brick wall.

It's like small children that also want to have a decision about something. As long the damage is not severe you can let it pass.

I'm in the same stage with artists right now. I don't have the time or the urge to argue about really stupid decisions and how they will affect things.

The funny part is that the artist wants me to tell things so they can argue.

And in the end, they get a hell of a headache after hitting that wall.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The wind of change.

Was on an info thing around Google play and YouTube red and I guess we see some changing. And yes it's almost 10 years since the Spotify launch should be according to the statistic a change around the corner.

So there are writings on the wall. Spotify stopped doing favors for the majors. Warner sold 75% of their stocks in Spotify. The owners have in a way cashed in. The importance of Spotify numbers is more and more being revealed as not that important.

Feel sorry for people putting their eggs in just one basket. And like it always is, it's 99% Indie or DIY artist doing that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Three things to approve.

All the past weeks showcases quite easily put up a problem in the spotlight. The troubleshooting process. I meet people that has trouble find bookers, labels, opportunities, you name it. There is always a trouble to fix.

What I found is how you quite often miss the real problem and spend time fixing things that really not matters. The problem is usually very close not in the small details.

I was on a showcase with a manager and saw her artist. She complained it was hard to get Spotify numbers and getting fans and bookings. Quite normal things to complain about.
She had the idea was in how the artist was portrayed. She needed better pictures. I asked how the new pictures would help the Spotify numbers? Her answer was that she was not satisfied with the ones they got.

Well, I can tell they where fantastic. Very professional and she handles me a nice printout with the artist bio and pictures. And it all looked great.

Then the artist starts playing. Really boring no stage personal and boring songs. After a while, I went for a beer and meet a booker at the bar.

Really boring huh! Was the first the booker said and I had to agree.

Later in the evening, the manager was on the booker trying to get her artist to the festival the booker has. Of course, the booker was not keen to give any real answer.

Later the manager was again talking about it was probably the pictures that were wrong.
So really, even how hard it starts checking the problem like this.

1 is the songs really good and the music great.
This is hard to check you really need friends that you can trust and don't be angry when they cut down your latest work.

2 the show is great.
Also harder but same here do it over and over and approve all time.

3 does the artist has a great story.

It becomes more and more important to get these stories right. Don't fill them with things that the artist like to dance and born to be on a stage. That is a must. 

Also, things like the artist like animals and care to donate to good things. A bad childhood is not appealing either. That is not the story. The story has to be with achievement in the musical field. A good review. Quotes, a placement or performance.

I can tell you that on 90% of the cases not moving forward when the problem laying in these three categories.

The small adjustments are not affecting the big picture. Not in the beginning at least. And nothing will work until the first two are fixed.

In so many cases the hunt is to fix all other small things when the whole is ruined from the essential.

Friday, May 11, 2018

I should leave Sweden

Someone said that I'm really not having a Swedish mentality. And no I really don't. And I hate to just "lagom" a Swedish expression that is so Swedish. I could translate it like everybody else.

The problem to adept to this is so severe I really should move out of Sweden. Put off my citizenship and just leave.

And why not, I should just do it.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Stop painful export tryouts

In Swedish I sometimes put in the tag #stoppaplågsammaexportförsök witch means #stop painful export tryouts.
Kind of mean, but there is too many of them.

Like some organizations that just send the band of their own. I just saw that. The meetings with the industry people was the day before their gig. Of course the band has another gig in another city the day of the meeting. So no ground work done. Then they play on a crappy venue on a bad time. Ok that is not their fault, but it makes it more difficult.
What the band do is plaster some posters and hope for the best. Well it didn't happen around 10 people showed up and it was normal audience.
Nice but won't lead to anything. In reality totally pointless and a waste of money.

Here they had needed a person working the contacts they day before. In fact they could have traded their show for just that networking and it would have been better.

This won't lead anywhere. It's bad enough to send crappy music. But here even with good music it will not happen. I see to many of these,  so #stoppainfulexporttryouts it's time to be professional.
Stop think it will magically happen.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fighting Windmills

I was hanging with a old friend the other day. We don't agree all the time. Still that is refreshing I still has a big respect for him.

I have more used my professional life in the musicindustry by adopting to the changing rules and try to make opportunities in a changing world.

My friend has been successful by digging in on the field he is good at. The problem here is that he also have fought the windmills like Don Quiote several times.

I remember we had hughe arguments around the digitalization. He's point was that the artist got too low paid. My point was that the old system was an apartheid system for just a few choosen ones.

Then we both in separate ways got into the live industry making things there. Same argument though, how was the best way to pay the artist. After a few years he gave up and became bitter.

I was really admire his fighting spirit, but also never understood why fight big coperate system that only will die in a Utopia. See if he can find a new field to dig into.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Empty threats

The bad threats are always funny. Like when you get in a demo and a couple of days the artist contact you and tells that it's several labels interested to sign them so you have to hurry up.

Or the band applying to your showcase, but needs to order the tickets at least 8 months ahead so you need to hurry booking them otherwise the time will go out.

It never works I can tell that. The funny part it's very contra productive.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Record calls?

A professor just wrote, how do you know the person is a psychopath? They call you up.

In this case it kind of a joke. Still there is hinch of truth to it. The most unorganized people that I trust the least has a tendency to call. Not once several times in an hour until you pick up. That can be really annoying if you are abroad and really don't want to speak in an hour about nothing or at least a project that is going nowhere.

So you write a message asking, what do you want. And what happens is that you get two other calls in five minutes.

And it is part of the game. The unorganized person will promise you alot and then claim they never promised that. Of course it's easier to prove in a email then in a phonecall that never was recorded. Maybe I should start record my calls?

Friday, May 4, 2018

My usual luck

My usual luck. What's the odd:s that on a whole plane with around 200 seats I end up next to a record label owner that just release Ryan Roxies next single. He is also head over the independent organization for people in the music industry in Sweden.

None but it happened. Start to pump him on information what is going on in Sweden on the runway. What happens, he falls asleep. My usual luck.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

How many tickets do you sell?

This debate is always ongoing how an artist should get paid. Especially with live events. Sure you should get paid since you are doing a job. You are rehearsing and buying your instruments and put a lot of time into it.

On the other hand, how much are you really worth. Of course, if someone wants you to play on their birthday, and do all that work it's one price. If you are playing in a pub and you draw people there so they can sell beer it's another price. On festival, your name should sell tickets, same on a concert where they don't serve alcohol.

Of course, will Metallica get more paid then you on the festival since they sell more tickets? In fact, sometimes even the artist can gain on a slot just because the arranger get a bigger act that many people would see. So would that act play for free then?

Hard to say, you probably have to take the decision form case to case.

The thing I see though is that most artist that takes good decisions usually could get more paid. When I book a headliner they are usually very easy to go with and understanding. The ones that are usually argue around the money is acts that you do a favor and just put in the last slot to be nice. They won't sell any tickets or draw anything special to the event, in reality, you could choose any good band for the slot.

The worst ones are the one that really is not good enough. People that do strange experimental music that very few people would listen to. Still, they want to get paid almost the same price as the headliner, just because they had done some work. It's like the post I did about building a house in the way you like it and then I should pay for it without taking any decisions.

If I would build bicycles without wheels and in cardboard I guess no one really wants them. I can't really expect to get the same payment for my thing like a racing bicycle. Yes, I can go for a very small target group. But I can't go to tour the France demanding that they should use my creation.

I'm really surprised that it is the ones with a questionable product that always screams the most about these things. I guess if you have a good product you can go on with it. But when you are just in one negotiation a year you seem to fall into the trap and lose the whole thing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The highest of stupidity.

I sent a contract to an artist to take a look at. I got it back with a lot of lines just crossed out. In the email, he said I did some changes.

The things he had crossed out was all the lines that said we would earn some % on the song. He had even crossed out lines that are there since they refer to parts in the law. In the end, he had crossed out so much that it was not even legal.

I wrote back and asked why these were crossed out. He answered that he thought that was not good so he had taken off everything that was not for his advantage and all the stuff he didn't know that well since he didn't have time to hire a lawyer.

Of course, this is so stupid that you even with the greatest song you really don't want to work with this idiot. So I just wrote back that ok, well then it's nothing for us.

Now he has mailed several times trying to change different lines in the worst way. The horrible part is that this is not an amateur musician, this guy has his own studio and work out of this and has this low knowledge. It seems like silence doesn't get him to understand he blow it. I'm afraid of this kind of stupidity in the business today.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The small things.

Really, so if the picture of an artist looks squeezed on Spotify you would stop listening to that song? Or if it has a bit of blue tint to it, would you stop then? This is the kind of small things some artist can go too far with. In reality, I don¨t think it matters for the listener anyway. It's just the artist ego in these cases. Also, the people that have to change it has to spend hours on something that really makes no difference.

The funny thing is these artists then leave their youtube channel totally unupdated and there is the picture from four releases ago. Their homepage doesn't even have a press section and neither any press pictures. Things that actually matter when you are sending out stuff to bloggers and other media, who also wouldn't care if there was a bit of blue tint in the Spotify picture.

When the artist has these urges it usually is because they have to much time and that is why so much other stuff is not done. One reason also is that they can't move on until everything they see is perfect. In the end they mainly just annoy people so they won't do many things for them at all.

Just leave these small things until you do a bigger update. Focus to just have a picture at all.

Monday, April 30, 2018

One side story is not enough.

I wrote about this before but now it really shows. If you want to break too many people with your music you have to have a good story. I have read many blogs, reports, and interviews and also many DIY peoples advice how you pick up people to your social media. The chance you have heard about Manafest, Leah or Amanda Palmer is that they try to sell you stuff. You probably never heard their music. Maybe you have heard their story and that they have super many followers.

This is the problem in their stories is not that they are good. And in reality, what they are good at is getting paid to tell people how they got big numbers. But the numbers only add up to social media, not in listeners. Their story is not genuine. Leah is talking about how she has a six-figure income from her music.
Well on Spotify she has not even over 1,5 million listings on her top 10 songs. And her last single that was released in December only got 33 000 streams and she is down to 25 000 listeners a month.
On Facebook she has 422 081 followers. But just 300 to 800 reacts on the post.

Yes her numbers are real but it doesn't get her further since the story is kind of weak. Is just a home mother that does Celtic metal.

Manafest has big numbers on Spotify at least over 10 million streams and 70 000 followers. Until you look at the latest releases. Last single release 17 of March has so little streams it won't get up on top ten of his popular tracks. And from the last album, it shows that only 170 000 streams. Overall the numbers seem not to add up. Old tracks that might have been bought it looks like.
On facebook Manafest has 192 427 followers, the post os mainly reacted to just under 30 to 70 likes.

And when I meet Candian rappers they told me that Manafest is not that big, maybe in some smaller circles, but overall not big.

Amada Palmer has the same, many bigger numbers but the last single since Feb 2018 only 37 000 streams. And she has 389 811 followers on Facebook. Her post is only reacted around 200 to 600 people though.

In reality, the stories made them famous at some point but they couldn't keep up with good music. Also, there was just one story, that they got a lot of followers, but that is not getting them any real streams. They have watchers in the same bubble you can say. They won't reach out into other bubbles. Your story has to be able to adapt and go into other bubbles to get your brand to grow. Your story has to have at least three different sides. Sides that makes them go into different bubbles on the social media.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Crazy day

Yesterday was one of these really crazy days when things that I have been working with for months suddenly got through. I was out driving with a big smile on my face. Unfortunately, I can never talk about these things here on the blog. It would be so interesting to give the full story what is going on and how things evolve. But it can't be done since it would destroy business plans.

Like tonight I have this really interesting dinner with some people and will be really interesting. But this won't be on the blog what happens and what was discussed. The results come just as a surprise on the blog in a year.

Then may is usually the most hectic month of them all. A lot of showcases and a lot of things need to be done before the summer season.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The demo

I actually got this on this blog post around us seeking new music today:

Bertil Goldberg April 25, 2018 at 4:11 PM
Hi, me and my songwriting partner Marcus Tristan just write new original songs. We don´t perform. But maybe your artists need songs to preform. So here are 15 songs for you and we would very much like a response with feedback. Kindest regards Bertil Goldberg +46 708 987 957.

Usually, I don't post around a thing like this but here since it is official on the blog and Bertil asks for a response with feedback. I will post the feedback. Not to be cruel but getting some reality to this.

First, you post on a blog. In one way very clever since it reach me directly. Well, to be honest, all other ways also reach me. The first myth to crack that no one is listing. Yes, we do but we don't have time to answer all that we get. Most of what we get in is nothing that we can work with or are interested in. Usually, when people get silence it means that it was not good enough. Not this either, it's just that I'm making an example. Still your post on a blog. If you see when I posted this (6 months ago) I also gave a link to where to send the music. Put on a blog is never smart. That just tells me that you are not in the business and probably will be very hard to make a deal with since you really don't understand the rules.

What rules, well one kind of rule is, if I'm going to use these songs for my artist I really don't want them published in public on Soundcloud. In fact, these are already given out. And to be able to send secret links I actually put the submission page there.

About that submission page. That just shows that you haven't read the text. In there it says we only care about touring artists and not songwriters. I guess you didn't read the text and followed the instructions so why should I listen to your music? And even more, you ask me to give you feedback taking my time going through something I already know won't work. On top of that, you have only given me a phone number.  I have thought maybe calling you up and just say, you suck! and then hang up. It's very taunting to do that, but I guess it's not good behavior.
And really why should I waste my time giving feedback. If you need that feedback hire someone, but I really don't want to spend my working time giving feedback for free. Well, it is your lucky day, I will give you free feedback since I use this as a lecturing post.

Well, we all have the link to the songs. So if anyone is interested to get a  song from this team, be my guest. I went to the song page. Yes, I can see in Bertils message that this will probably never be anything. And even if there was anything I could use I don't think the level of the team will hold for a negotiation.

Normally this would make me just go away. But since I will have this as a lecture about sending stuff I will keep going.

First, don't send 15 songs. There is no way someone will go through that many. Send maximum three of the best ones. Yes i know that you are doing them in diffrent styles still no one will go through it send three of the best ones.

Know your styles. Here are so many genres, and really no one is fitting the real style. Since there are so many songs I made my decision on the title. Went down to the song Ladyboy, just to have a song around Ladyboys is a must hear. And the genre is trance. And this is so far from trance it can be. Though the lyrics gave us a really good laugh.

Then we saw the song "Bugs", just having a song around bugs? In this case about eating bugs and drinking wine with women! And the style is latin. Is someone pulling a joke on me?

Okay, I had to stop. The lyrics are on a young kids level. The songs are things your her on the ferry from Sweden to Finland, but worse. There are no artists with a career that will touch this.

Ther is a reason why we nowadays have really great schools in Sweden for songwriting. I rather take my risk there then having people send me songs. Bertil and Marcus my advice would take a course at these schools. Right now it's not sufficient to be passed on to an artist or be sold.

Still thinking that someone is pulling a joke on me. But on the other hand this morning a guy promoted hos music by sending links where public told people that he has a small dick. No kidding.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The indie glass ceiling

Usually, you talk about a glass ceiling. A roof that is not seen that you will reach and can't break it. In many ways, I felt that ceiling in the music industry in Sweden. Like a silent shout that I shouldn't do thing better and just put my self in the line again.

The people who know me also know that I would never get in that line. I'm raised in the punk scene and just taking my DIY things one step further and still doing it my way.

Right now it has been a lot of glass ceiling. One quite big one was when I worked for the independent record industry since it was just 2% indie music on the radio. I was mainly telling them it's about the approach and how you do it. But they didn't listen to that ear instead they were trying to make radio to take in more independent through pressure.

Well, the pressure might have worked. Still, it was the approach that got the music in. Of course so when they took more music from the independent side I was one of the ones getting my artist played. Actually played most of all independent in the whole of Sweden. You thought that should make them happy, no way. My music was not in their plan. In reality, it was some special companies that should be played, not mine. I was just a miss in the planning.

I had hit the glass ceiling. Even since we performed what they wanted to achieve it was not right. They just kept ignoring what we had done. Then just stay under the glass ceiling was never an option. Of course, I took the whole thing abroad and got us to the major events instead.

It's kind of revealing that one of the most successful indie bands last year, was not nominated, not get invited to play or even got an invitation to go to the independent gala. Instead, they play on the biggest gala for all music in Sweden, got invited to the biggest galas in the world outside Sweden and also celebrated. With that, I knew I just went through the glass ceiling but in a point where they couldn't see me.

So the indie band just became a major band. The major community just embraced the band and took it to their hearts. I was talking to a journalist and he definitely thought the band was on a major label, not an indie "since you had such great success, I didn't think indie bands were allowed to do that!".

That statement made me think. Yes, there it was written on the wall. The indie really put in the glass ceiling there for holding people in line. This community is holding me back to be too successful. I looked into other successful indie companies, they were treated the same. Soon they got somewhere they were taken off and not helped when they need it. Instead, they found a new way and took that road alone.

In disgust, I jumped off all the boards I was working on. I won't be part of a system that only let you in if you are in a certain way. The funny part is that they talk a lot of letting women and people of different background in. Still, they must act and do as they do.  The diversity is not there.

So who will be the turncoats later on? It will be turncoats I know it. And how will I react on to it?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Should you say if someone sucks?

Realize what you are good at. I figured out quite fast that I really suck playing an instrument. I was good planning and get the artist opportunities and get things done. So I became the record label or management etc.

So for me to go and learn how to play guitar for two years and then try to join the bands I work with is not a good idea.

If I tried it would anyone stop me? Would anyone stand up and just say - Peter you suck at playing guitar!

I mean I know I'm just not good at it. Even with lessons, I would not be near as good as the guitarists I work with. Even with 10 000 hours of practice, I will not get close. 

Now I know this by myself but lately, I have seen people doing kind of this error in other parts of the industry and I cringe but are unsure if I should stand up and just tell them - you are really not suited for doing this.

I guess no one would do that with my guitar play either. They would just let me be and hope that I don't invite myself to their tours or practice. But then if keep begging to play the solo on their next recording? Or even go out seeking other bands telling them I'm a really good guitarist? Would they stop me?

I guess no.

Would I like them to do it? I don't know.

So when I see this my dilemma is to know if I should stand up and say something or not?

The hard part is that I see them digging a deeper and deeper hole every day.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Health is important.

It has been quite much about health the past days. Yesterday was the news that Avicii had died, very tragic. Now we don't know how he died but most speculation goes that he had health problems before and now took the toll.

Then during ENEA Spring break, there was a good panel on health.
And yes this environment is not healthy. Most of the time they want to focus quite much on the creative people,  but in my world, I see more of the people working with the development crash. Yes there is a lot of pressure for the creative part specially if you also perform on a stage. Still the other side is doing more both side of the job so they tend to burn out faster. They are also much easier to replace. It's harder to replace an artist then a manager, the managers work is not that seen officially. 

We just discussed how many young managers that disappear in less than three years. Right now I see a lot of criticism around Avicii's manager driving him too hard. Or sometimes the whole industry. It's like it's always the evil record industry that has some shady people taking all the money.
You never see that when a formula 1 racer crash and dies. Not a word about the evil car companies that just use drivers to take risks and pay with their lives. Why so?

Maybe because it's not that true. It looks like this on Wall Street on professional gymnastics, football players, you name it. Everywhere there is fierce competition this appears. It's not just in this industry. Still, many creators have the mind that they are special and are fragile etc so the most complaints come from this area.

So how to make it healthy? Well if we start making it to a 9 to 5 job most people won't do this any longer. It's like putting up speed limits on a formula one race. It takes out the fascination of the whole thing.

I guess a way is to teach the people to read the signs better and then cut it off much earlier is the closest. See if we can get such tools soon in the music industry. Otherwise, we will get more of these tragic deaths. It should be competitive but not in the cost of lives.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

You have to invest or take the slow road.

There is just two choices and none of them are easy. But I time from time bump into bands that can't see the logic in this, instead try to cut out shortcuts.

If you think you are good enough, or actually excellent enough to break it big so you start making money showcasing is the thing. Today there is guaranteed a showcase a week somewhere in the world. The good part to be on showcases is that they bring in people from the music industry and that playing on these festivals adds on your story, and as I written before the story is everything today, forget about numbers or cool gadgets, the story is number one. Also, you have a chance to meet new media

On the backside, the showcase never pays for you. Of course, that is the same in the whole business world. If you have a platform where someone can show off their product you don't pay for them to be there. Logically if you pay for bands then you are a festival and then you get the big names and small bands really never has a chance. Also here you are up against other really good new bands.

See the whole thing of it is an investment. Yes, you have to pay to get there and live there but it adds to your story and you can broaden your network.

If you want to take the slow road is that it won't cost that much. You start taking gigs in your home area. Then after 20 gigs, you take the cities next to that area and so on. The good side is that you build up a solid audience that sees you very often and might be superfans in the beginning. and the investment is low, just gas and you are in the same area all the time.

The backside, of course, this takes a long time to bring out the audience and it tends to be the same people. The risk is that your are nagging out the same places. Also is that you re not reaching any bigger stuff in your story.

Trying to do both is totally useless. That is where many think they can do it. If a smaller showcase festival they try to make them pay for the band or just ignore that festival. Instead, they try to get into the biggest festivals and pay heavily for that. Of course, you need the smaller ones to even make an impact on the big ones. Then they try to just take smaller gigs around that. This is never working and I see so many bands gets into that trap. Instead of just going and keep things rolling they put all on one gig on a big one.

In reality, they are on the myth that someone should just stumble in and see the band and start to invest in it. In the real world, they are checking the story and if the band is going somewhere they might invest in it. But the gap from where they start to invest today from twenty years ago is huge. Where bands broke before is today the threshold to start looking into an act.

So the big investment has to be done by the artist. And yes you can take the slow road but it can lead that you won't get forward fast enough to make it. The fast road and then you have to be really good and invest a lot of money and take every chance you get. But never try something in the middle that leads to nowhere.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The PR is ignored and that is the elephant in the room.

When you have meetings with artists they can spend hours talking about a certain sound or how they want the audience to connect with them. Also the look on photos and videos, that can take hours to discuss. Most are just small shitty details that have no relevant info on it.

They never talk about how to get this to the audience? In most cases that just happens in their world. Also, all these things around what it should look like and sound like must fit with the PR is never discussed. In many cases, they just leave that to the label or just ignore the problem.

Ignoring the problem, of course, leads to nowhere. And then you are like yesterdays post that releasing is not taking you anywhere. Leaving it to the label could be very dangerous. They might use their own PR people inside the company and those could be overloaded by other stuff. Or they hire just low budget people or just do a send out to media and call that PR. In the worst case, the material doesn't fit them and they will just ignore doing some special PR for it.

That is why I don't get it why the Pr discussion is never a topic? To really get these ideas the artist is burning for to an audience that is the key. Instead, it's just counted how many blog posts they get (never how many that actually read those blog posts) or if it gets Spotify streams (never what kind of streams it is, empty or someone really listening). Or most important, like I wrote if the material they make actually fit the campaign. There is no use of printing T-shirts if you are not touring. There is no use of a big fat video if you are not having PR in countries where it could be shown on TV or you have the marketing budget to get it big on Youtube.

We have quite many releases right now and I did a little test. When the songs came in and I looked at the schedule I gave 3 dates to choose from. All working fine. Of course, all of them took the closest date. Some not even asking if it would work for the PR, some actually did ask if it worked with the PR. But the critical question what kind of PR was never asked.
In reality, the more time gives the PR things to do more properly, so choosing the closest is not that smart. Sure we can do the basic in the shorter time, but these extras are usually not done in the shorter things. The most critical question of them all, no one informed me about what kind of PR things the artist would do. In the end, I mainly think they are doing a blog post and if I'm lucky they will bost that post on facebook.

The PR is ignored and that is the elephant in the room. It's not getting easier that people talks about "my music are not a product" shit.