Friday, February 15, 2019

What is the critical line of stupidity?

You get an offer for a gig that is 20 min on stage. The offer gives you 100 euros for the gig.

Why do you say yes if you need 600 euros to play and want to play for 45 minutes?'

The conditions say in the first line. what you have accepted are 20 min and 100 euros. No, you should not haggle offers afterward. 

It's like that record deal you did early in your career, no you should not start to renegotiate the deal because something has changed. Sorry here is that you have to take a chance and you have to make the best of the situation. 

Start haggling and your reputation are out the window. 

My friend owned a club in a small city in 2000:s. He found a band online that he thought was really good and he managed to call them up and booked a gig with them 6 months ahead for like 100 euros. After two months the band got a smash hit and became the hottest band in Sweden. Everybody wante4d them and their price went up to 2000 euros overnight.

Did they cancel the gig on my friend? No! Did they haggle the price? No! And that got them last night a new gig years after since I know that band stands for their values.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Music is not important? Is the star sprinkle gone?

We just have the biggest award ceremonies in Sweden in the past weeks. the Grammy Award, P3 Gold and Manifest. Usually, this is quite a lot of attention for the media to cover these events. They are usually broadcasted on prime time.

Guldbagge galan, which is the Oscars of Sweden also went past these weeks. That was broadcasted and a lot of reporting. QX galan witch is the gay awards in Sweden where also broadcasted on prime time. To their favor, both these galas actually got a pretty good bunch of people down to the gala as well and there is a lot of risk into it.

The reports on the music gala have been none. I have been watching to see what happens and there was no reporting what so ever on any of the music galas. In fact they haven't even reported who got the prizes?

Yes I know I can go in and find that out my self. I'm more into that music is not that important. There is no risk to record a record any longer, anyone can do it. To get it out is not har either. In the end, it becomes as important as the lowest division of football, anyone can join and play.

Actually, the reporting from the American Grammy award when Ghost got a Grammy was not even reported either that much in Sweden. They report a bit now around that many starts said no to perform at the Grammy award. I just feel it's part of the change. The awards are not important and some of the star sprinkles is gone.

I guess it's part of the backlash of all this with numbers again. The media has realized that streaming numbers means nothing. Youtube followers mean nothing. And it's hard to find witch artists actually means something for the audience. So instead of reporting they just ignore it. Report on the 100 biggest stars in the world that have some star gazing around them.

Yes, it just got harder to get through the noise of the internet. Pretty time to get out in the real world.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Listen to your own songs, and recommend them.

It's kind of usual that artist not admitting that they listen to their own material. They don't look on their own videos. Mainly the excuse is that they have listened to the song so much in the making they got bored with it. Well, I have listened to my favorite songs thousands of times and I'm still not bored.

Another thing is that the artist is embarrassed to recommend their own songs. I have to kickstart my artist to do promotion of their next single.
In fact, you should recommend your songs, tell us about them, the process they are done. Don't just do it when you are doing it. Tell us later as well.

Don't expect everyone also to jump on and listen to a song just because you said it once. No, it takes a couple of times and some other things to get to the point to listen to a new track.

So don't be afraid to tell people to listen to your work.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Vlog Peter kollar Mello med expertpanel (Swedish)

Japp ytterligare en Vlog. Här kollar Peter Mello med sin expertpanel. Vart är G:son när man behöver honom. Eller Anna Book som alla vill ha i Mello och vem skriker som en bäbis?

Monday, February 11, 2019

How I wish there was a law that stopped hopeless cases to take up time.

Okay, the taste is different and yes all music should be played. The problems are the network that brings up artists that is not ready and probably never make anything more interesting than the stage in your local bar in form of compositions.

The cool part is that there is a network that actually brings smaller artists forward. The hard part is when they take hopeless cases. many of them are not even up to standards of a local newcomer in Sweden and are presented as the next big thing.

Right now I feel there is a bit too much of these hopeless cases.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Peter goes to Ljublijana

Next episode in my Vlog series, and yes since this is abroad this is in english.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Pearls for swine.

Do you want to play at a showcase festival and get paid for doing so, even if it is just a small amount? If I add accommodation and food? And The chance to be seen by industry people?

If no, showcases are not for you. You want real paid tours. You want full booked rooms all over the world in the capacity of 500 people on each show.

The problem is that you actually do not draw that kind of audience and you have not the money for killing PR to get to that.

Why hell are you turning the first offer down? You just said no to pretty good opportunity?
A mistake like this will probably end your career. The hill down always starts with a no.

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