Monday, April 23, 2018

Health is important.

It has been quite much about health the past days. Yesterday was the news that Avicii had died, very tragic. Now we don't know how he died but most speculation goes that he had health problems before and now took the toll.

Then during ENEA Spring break, there was a good panel on health.
And yes this environment is not healthy. Most of the time they want to focus quite much on the creative people,  but in my world, I see more of the people working with the development crash. Yes there is a lot of pressure for the creative part specially if you also perform on a stage. Still the other side is doing more both side of the job so they tend to burn out faster. They are also much easier to replace. It's harder to replace an artist then a manager, the managers work is not that seen officially. 

We just discussed how many young managers that disappear in less than three years. Right now I see a lot of criticism around Avicii's manager driving him too hard. Or sometimes the whole industry. It's like it's always the evil record industry that has some shady people taking all the money.
You never see that when a formula 1 racer crash and dies. Not a word about the evil car companies that just use drivers to take risks and pay with their lives. Why so?

Maybe because it's not that true. It looks like this on Wall Street on professional gymnastics, football players, you name it. Everywhere there is fierce competition this appears. It's not just in this industry. Still, many creators have the mind that they are special and are fragile etc so the most complaints come from this area.

So how to make it healthy? Well if we start making it to a 9 to 5 job most people won't do this any longer. It's like putting up speed limits on a formula one race. It takes out the fascination of the whole thing.

I guess a way is to teach the people to read the signs better and then cut it off much earlier is the closest. See if we can get such tools soon in the music industry. Otherwise, we will get more of these tragic deaths. It should be competitive but not in the cost of lives.

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