Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Should you say if someone sucks?

Realize what you are good at. I figured out quite fast that I really suck playing an instrument. I was good planning and get the artist opportunities and get things done. So I became the record label or management etc.

So for me to go and learn how to play guitar for two years and then try to join the bands I work with is not a good idea.

If I tried it would anyone stop me? Would anyone stand up and just say - Peter you suck at playing guitar!

I mean I know I'm just not good at it. Even with lessons, I would not be near as good as the guitarists I work with. Even with 10 000 hours of practice, I will not get close. 

Now I know this by myself but lately, I have seen people doing kind of this error in other parts of the industry and I cringe but are unsure if I should stand up and just tell them - you are really not suited for doing this.

I guess no one would do that with my guitar play either. They would just let me be and hope that I don't invite myself to their tours or practice. But then if keep begging to play the solo on their next recording? Or even go out seeking other bands telling them I'm a really good guitarist? Would they stop me?

I guess no.

Would I like them to do it? I don't know.

So when I see this my dilemma is to know if I should stand up and say something or not?

The hard part is that I see them digging a deeper and deeper hole every day.

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