Monday, April 30, 2018

One side story is not enough.

I wrote about this before but now it really shows. If you want to break too many people with your music you have to have a good story. I have read many blogs, reports, and interviews and also many DIY peoples advice how you pick up people to your social media. The chance you have heard about Manafest, Leah or Amanda Palmer is that they try to sell you stuff. You probably never heard their music. Maybe you have heard their story and that they have super many followers.

This is the problem in their stories is not that they are good. And in reality, what they are good at is getting paid to tell people how they got big numbers. But the numbers only add up to social media, not in listeners. Their story is not genuine. Leah is talking about how she has a six-figure income from her music.
Well on Spotify she has not even over 1,5 million listings on her top 10 songs. And her last single that was released in December only got 33 000 streams and she is down to 25 000 listeners a month.
On Facebook she has 422 081 followers. But just 300 to 800 reacts on the post.

Yes her numbers are real but it doesn't get her further since the story is kind of weak. Is just a home mother that does Celtic metal.

Manafest has big numbers on Spotify at least over 10 million streams and 70 000 followers. Until you look at the latest releases. Last single release 17 of March has so little streams it won't get up on top ten of his popular tracks. And from the last album, it shows that only 170 000 streams. Overall the numbers seem not to add up. Old tracks that might have been bought it looks like.
On facebook Manafest has 192 427 followers, the post os mainly reacted to just under 30 to 70 likes.

And when I meet Candian rappers they told me that Manafest is not that big, maybe in some smaller circles, but overall not big.

Amada Palmer has the same, many bigger numbers but the last single since Feb 2018 only 37 000 streams. And she has 389 811 followers on Facebook. Her post is only reacted around 200 to 600 people though.

In reality, the stories made them famous at some point but they couldn't keep up with good music. Also, there was just one story, that they got a lot of followers, but that is not getting them any real streams. They have watchers in the same bubble you can say. They won't reach out into other bubbles. Your story has to be able to adapt and go into other bubbles to get your brand to grow. Your story has to have at least three different sides. Sides that makes them go into different bubbles on the social media.

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