Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We can't build the platform for you!

I get in more and more artists that really haven't done the whole job of the platform. So what do you need in a platform?

A homepage, yes you need a homepage. This is the place where you have your bio (no it's not good to have it on Facebook, hidden in the about page. Also here is where you build your funnels and have a proper tool to pick up your fans info. Also here you have press pictures in high res and not in some strange format where you can't save them. Then links to the social media.

In social media, you need Facebook just because it's biggest, Youtube because it's where you can make money. Instagram because many are turning to that. Then it's good with Twitter (yes you can post things in cross over so getting things like HootSuite).

Then are several more you can add. Still, I see too many only having Spotify and Facebook, even artists that really should have the other stuff in place for a long time ago.

And when you have the basics in place, work it. When you have done that for a couple months then you are ready. And no this is not the job for the record label, the manager and hell no the publisher.

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