Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mind the gap!

Today has just been crazy. You can really see the gaps in the industry. I was sitting with a deal on over 100 000 dollars and got bugged by some new amateur "manager" who was calculating the dimes on a Spotify bill for his artist trying to get more money out from the distribution. The funny part is that saw that it's probably fake numbers that the artist used a bot to get. I'm not sure that Spotify will pay out from bot numbers. I know a thing or two that they actually do around things like that. The problem is that people like this can't get it at the same time I really don't have time for the monkey business.

Then I got an older record boss calling me about a PR plan straight out from the 90:s. What concerned him the most was that he couldn't get his artist biographies up on Spotify. I mean just take a look at only the bigger artists has their bios up, it won't people listen more to the songs. Even worse then his artist called me on the same matter.

This is the same story repeat itself. It was the same thing when Itunes was in its heyday. I tried to explain that Itunes sales were bogus and no one cared about those numbers and in a few years streaming would take over. All these small people just laughed and kept on nagging.

We are back again, these small people think that Spotify matters, no it stopped matter 6 months ago even a year. Why can I tell, just precisely that amateurs mind the shit and think that these numbers matters. Also, that bigger companies are looking for other stuff also tells a pretty good story.

Unforntuanly it will be for me to explain these idiots whats going on for the next three years. That what it took to get rid of the idiots that just cared about Itunes.

In the end, the gap between the professionals and all the crap is getting bigger and bigger. More and more artists are consumed into this world that actually nothing is working. Too many of these people have no clue what so ever what to take an artist to the big audience and the ones that will be fooled are the artists. It's like if you have two apples, they look the same on the outside. Just that one is heavily poisoned with pesticides and is rotten from within. The other one is fresh and good. You really can't tell so when the salesman tries to get rid of the bad one he lowers the price with 10 cents and the artist goes for the bad without knowing.

The artist can't pick right. The only way you will have that knowledge is to know the whole growing process. Only the people with real insight can do that.

Later, of course, they see it. I just got an email from an artist doing that mistake and now to a bite in the apple with a maggot inside. Now coming back trying to get back to where we started. But I with the good apple has taken that further away, now it's in a store where this artist even can get access to it. A costly experience.

Just another day seeing where we are heading.

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