Monday, August 21, 2017

Celebrating 500 posts

This is post number 500, the blog has proven what I wanted to prove. It was mainly a test to see if you can do a blog on a very tiny narrow subject like artist development. Also, test out tools to give away to our artist that we work with.
It's easy to just sit and say "do this, do that" when you don't know the effort.

So the project has gone on now for a bit over two years. I have changed the language to English, not easiest move.

35000 views, it's not the biggest blog still I got around a 100 a day logging in and reading. Not bad for such a narrow topic.

Most read is still a Swedish post where I tell how the political institutions in music Sweden are not that serious. You can read it here. The funny part is that is now an uprising to get the money from these institutions to give to real artists.

The second is where I out a kind of scam PR stunt. A Swedens version of Nickelback said they should try to get to the USA. The problem here is that I know they didn't even make it in Germany which is much easier. The band also sign in the USA to a label that really can't do anything. And yet we have not seen anything about this USA thing, so I was right about the bad PR stunt. You can read it here.

The third is the post with the name Spotify is Dead! Of course, it was also a test if the headline effects the reads, oh yes it does. The funny part here is that I was early on to this and now the moment is very strong and the most streamed song Depacito was broken through Youtube, not Spotify. I guess the game is on and here you can read this post.

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