Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It will be crazy as usual.

I guess I never learn that you can't put in too much on the schedule. Still, in June everything was empty nothing was sure so I just put hooks out. Now it turns into the most exciting schedule that I have seen.

Like always we start with one week with madness on Live at Heart last week in August in Örebro that we get two small satellites in Stockholm and Trosa as well.

In middle of September, I have my own panel with Ömer and Tommy on Future Music Forum in Barcelona, Spain. Then go home and bounce out to Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg, Germany.

Then we take a stroll over to NYC, USA for some touring in beginning of October. Get back and then go to Tokyo to get on TIMM. Get straight back to Hultsfred to be on Rookie.

Then start of November UK tour with The Magnettes.

Well, December is empty if someone has something to throw in.

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