Sunday, August 13, 2017

Live at Heart Tip Off, Use your social media.

This is a part of a series of a tip off I give in front of the showcase Live at Heart that is going on in Örebro 30 of August to 2 of September. The tip off is not just for Live at heart would work on any showcase festival.

Use your social media.

Actually, use media over all. If you are chosen to play in a showcase festival, the local media reports on events like that. So go a head send a press letter to the local media in that city. Take a couple of hours to scan the internet. This also makes you stand out so this media usually choose a couple of acts that they will say: Don't miss this during the festival. Sending out make that chance much bigger.

Then, of course, make a facebook event and invite relevant people. Post about it a couple of times. This is really important. Both for the festival but also for you to build up that you are chosen to this festival.

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