Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Talibans of music!

I guess music is like a religion. and when it comes to a religion yes there will be extremist. And whatever you believe is the right believe.

The music is a bit in the same way. People that claim to know what is good, what is pure and what has a soul. Also, they believe that what they like is the best for everyone else. in these circles they usually talk about sellout and stuff like that. Money is not to be mention yet it's still there.
Here you have the parallel with the church. You should give away money to the poor be merciful and don't claim too much. At the same time, the church is doing the opposite.

With the music Taliban is that the artist can't be too big, then it's a sellout at the same time the Taliban tells everyone to listen to, in the end, the artist will be big. Then the Taliban leaves the artist and thinks it's too commercial.

I guess that is the reason, the fear of that the artist will make it big, they choose artists that in reality doesn't have any chance of success. And the frustration leads to them to become something in the music industry like a small booker on an obscured club or music critic in a newspaper. Where they can preach what is the right music for the people. Music that people, in reality, don't want to listen to.

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