Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The change of release schedule.

We are writing a new album now. And we will tour again in March 2019.

Artists that write like that I guess doesn't have a cell phone just a pager. Since the touring cycle that they are talking about is from 1985.

Okay, let's be clear about it. It's not writing time, recording time, Pr time release time and tour with that album time. That is as normal as having a phone stuck with a cord to the wall.
Today you write all the time. You need more material so everything happens at the same time. Somethings are on hold some are ongoing. Still, it's all the time. If you only can focus on one thing at the time, you out of the game.

So forget the myth of sitting and write songs to next album sipping wine. Or a fully booked schedule for three months and then it's done.
No, we are here working full time all the time.

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