Thursday, September 27, 2018

The problem is in the song most of the time.

It's not hard to find someone to do the radio plugging and take the money. The hard part is to find the plugger that actually get it on the playlist, said the artist.

I bump into this quite often. The error of no success is someone else's. I would rather think here that it's the song that doesn't hold quality enough for radio to play. In 98% of the cases that is where the error is.

Or that the story is not strong so the song can compete with songs in the same level. Well, it's the same problem that it's not good enough, just good to compete but failing in execution.
In all cases, it's not the Pr firms error. You can probably give an unreleased unknown great hit by Elvis Presley to any PR firm and they will get the song on rotation on most radio stations.

The problem is the attitude here. The artist is never wrong. All that they create are great. They are just misunderstood genius all of them.

I can prove that wrong also. Over time most artists get tired of their old masterpieces and the last record is now a piece of crap in comparison with the new they just wrote.

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