Monday, August 8, 2016

You got what you pay for

I’m really fascinated by people that spends so much time and effort to write songs. Then put so much effort and time to record it to in the end just waste the whole thing for a couple of dollars?

To be honest the whole thing is that you could probably spend less time record, less time writing songs and put that time on PR and actually get out more of it. Still people do the opposite. I just saw one of these. To save a couple of bucks they just took whatever was important for them so they choose Spotify, Deezer, Google and Itunes. Should be enough?

Not really they miss all money from Youtube, also money from RDio, Pandora and many more. Just to save around 20 bucks. It’s like renting a stage full equipped with lights musicians. But take off the cost for electricity and posters. It would be a show but few will turn up and the potential is wasted.
Also in this case they tried to get more money out of the release by not having it online, just as a CD and now they release the album in the middle of the summer on just a few sites?

Is just a shame that they do things like this. I know I will bump into them later and they will complain that well music doesn’t pay off and all this effort they put into this music. The thing is just that they saved a couple of bucks on the wrong spot. Like so many other artist/labels do.

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