Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Takida to USA what a joke!

Sometimes I just wonder if the Swedish record labels or mangers are just completely stupid. Sending the Nickleback of Sweden to USA? The band TOTALLY failed to enter the German market and had to cancel half the tour.

Yes Takida sell much in Sweden but it’s one of these bands that are just not good enough to get out of this market. Same is it for Håkan Helstöld and KENT they were just not good enough. Some artist is made for one market and that market alone. The band hasn’t done a good song in 10 years.

 This will just be one of those horrible trying’s to enter a market. This band is too old too bad to make it. And that they got a Rockbjörn for best Hardrock was a quite big outcry from the establishment. Well I guess with Trump on the move maybe there is enough rednecks to listen to the shit.

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