Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Red Bull Sound Select to Sweden

"New platform will get Swedish artists to break internationally", says Red Bull in a new press coverage in Sweden today. 

Well how many artists will be fooled this time? The platform has been around for many years and is brainchild that Red Bull wanted free music for their competitions and events and not pay royalty. Still they have evolved a bit and do some good stuff, but mainly is crap. I will go through the press coverage and explain you why.

Of course they tell you that they were part of acts like Flume, Grimes and Nicki Minaj (for the last one you just stop drinking Red Bull). Well all of these is products from record labels that works with Red Bull. But Red Bull wants to break artists and they tell you that they were part of Chance the rapper and Gallant. Well part of Chance broke on a mixtape that was discovered by Forbes and Childish Gambino. Still everyone appears on several sites, I mean I guess Reverb Nation could say they were part of quite many artists. The fact is that they all create accounts there. Is just that they will not break from that.

So what is the problem? Well they advertise it like they want to break free from the record labels empire. The problem is that they have created the same empire and using the same methods. They hire headliners and the new artist is warming up for them. Which is good for the headliner, for the smaller artist, well if that is good can be debated.

The other one is the platform, yes you have to get into redbullsoundselect.com to be seen. And I’m guessing that that platform don't have the same amount of audience as Spotify. To be honest it was not even on the top ten list of platforms and audience. 

What do you get? Well if you are chosen you get to perform on several stages that Red Bull is fixing. I was on one of these shows in Los Angeles two years ago. 30 days of music. Since the festival is 30 days it's really just like another show, just promoted by Red Bull. It was not that special. And remember these acts are handpicked so even if you’re chosen in Sweden you might not get to L.A.

Then what the odds to be chosen. The press coverage told us that 200 000 artists are in the program. Witch slims things quite much. It's like being signed to a record label. They also has 100 other artists and when you are new signed not much attention will be held on you. And if it is a major they might world vide has 10 000 artists. So you need someone to guide you to be able to do the process inside Red Bull or a record label. 

Who will guide you? Here in Sweden it will be the industry veterans Babak Azarmi and Johanna Beckman. Who? Says all my international readers. We in Sweden might recognize their name. Well at least I do. But to be honest that is just because I have seen their shitty jobs before.

I have seen artists they have worked with on international showcase stages and one thing is in common. Someone did a really bad job and don't have the international connections needed to do it right. Silvana Imam on SXSW is a legendary example how you not should introduce and artist to a market or the international world. And really none of their artists has any international career to talk about. So have these people to lead your way in this platform where you also need outside things. I'm not betting on that horse.

Yes I’m mean. Actually I think though both of them has done a MUCH greater job then the Swedish record labels that is way more in disaster. Still they are not any heavy weightier in the international field. 

So when Red Bull says they want to be a new thing for artists. Is just the same old bullshit that the record labels presents, just with another brand.

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