Thursday, July 7, 2016

No, there is no replacement for your work.

I was sending out a newsletters to artists to apply for a festival a couple of monter ago. Later i was lucky that the festival gave me my own stage out of the band that had applied. I was looking and a band that has nagged about they need new things to happen (well all artist nog about that).
So this was a golden opportunity. I looked in the list and they where not on.
I contacted the artist. And the answer was: We didn't apply since we forget. We had so much other things.

Its not the first time I work hard to get a opportunity for a artist and they just screw things up but not doing the most simple thing that should be one of the biggest prio.

Then the artist got back and asked:
We can apply now or just write us in.

Techinically it can be done. But I already pushed much to get to the position to have the stage. I would go over the limit to ask for more. If they just had done the small thing they should it had been clear.

Then the artist started to nagg about how everything was going since they need to know if the stage was intresting for them and they needed to get a van, and where should they stay? It just went on and on.

Of course i told them that they needed to mark the show to get people down. Sure it is a famous festival. Still its ten other stages going on the same time. To get people to your you need to market your show.

The answer was, well then it might not be that intresting. They wanted a stage where people go naturally.

I gave up and took an artist from my friends company that works hard to get the spot that was on the list. And they where super happy.

Then my artist came back and wanted to know when they could go out and tell people that they where playing.

I got back and explained that the space was taken. Suddenly I was not that good. No it was a disgrace that we couldn't fix things for the artist.

Lets say i want pick this artist for my next opportunity. You really have to make it easy for a person givit you a opportunity,  not be a pain to deal with.

Well you can't push your work on someone else. You need to do things for yourself

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