Monday, July 4, 2016

Festivals not that important?

I have heard it over and over on conferances taht the festivals is less and less importanat. And in Sweden right now I think I agree. Three of the biggest oens is this week, Roskilde (it's denmark but many swedes goes there), Bråvalla and Putte i Parken.

The thing is though that there is almost nothing in my feed on facebook about any of them. The media is reporting very small about it. Right now there has been some rapes that has gotten attention, but it's sad that rapes is the thing media now writes about festivals. Rapes it self is just super bad.

I guess the festivals has played out theri roll. In the 90-s when it was hard to find certian music yes fa festival was a place where you can see these really rre band. Also it might b ethe only time of the year you meet people that liked the same music as you did. Today with internwet a band can't be that indei and underground. Internet killed that. At the same place also Internet has much larget hubs for people to meet. A festival before was a place where 50 000 people meet. In intenet standards that extremly small.

No it looks like the festivals had done it's thing. It's game over with the new genration festivals goers. The kids today choose other things to spend their money and time on.

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