Monday, July 25, 2016

Focus you should only do one thing!

Have you in the last twenty years seen a player playing in the national team in two bigger sports? Like a soccer player also playing in the basket team for their country? No I have never seen it. Still these people that are really dedicated and very skilled should be able to do it?

Not really. To be in the level of a professional soccer player you have to be focused. You can't join two different sports you have to go for one, make a choice. Of course when you are on a low level you can play as many sports you like, but only on a low level just for fun. Also they form their lives for the sport. If a soccer player is drafted for a team they move to that city. They can't skip a practice just since they friends has a party (they actually get fines to miss practice). They live and breathe the sport.

It's the same as artist. If you reach for the biggest stars you have to be focused like a professional athlete. You have to adopt your surroundings to fit your goal.

I meet many artists that has that goal but when they say no to gigs because they can't get time off from work then you start to wonder. Yes a professional soccer player has a salary. Still they had made the same choice earlier, saying no to a nine to five job to play their game. Or artists that has a bunch of diffrent musical projects is the same, it's like playing diffrent sports, it's fun but not focused enough.

You just outcount artists that starts to say no to things. The soccer player would not say no to a practice or a game since they are so focused around the subject. Same with an artist.

A artists that want to be in the top will find ways to get to that gig or practice. If not well it has lost their focus. In a way in the sports world people understand that you won't be drafted for Barcelona FC without work. But in the music industry there is many thinking that it is a reality.

Well right now I’m looking for the focused artists.

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