Monday, July 17, 2017

It’s a difference to be a superstar then an indie band.

When I discuss PR plans and strategy’s with artists this always comes up. The artists want the same benefits and stuff as a superstar, but make the same effort as an indie band.

What they seems to miss is that is totally different paths to get to different goals. You really have to be clear where you want to go. No you really can’t mix the paths.

What people don’t really get is that they believe that the road is to be an indie band and then move up to be a superstar. Sure it happens, but in most cases the paths never cross. The marketing are really different so you have to be really clear what the goal is and how to get there.

The worst is when they start to mix the paths, thinking that you can get the results of a superstar of the budget of an indie release. Thinking they get the same freedom as an indie artist as a superstar.
Both paths has their really great moments but you have to be clear witch to take.

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