Monday, July 24, 2017

I don’t care what you old bass players name is.

Yes, we are in the demo week on the blog. Taking out issues that we see from the demos we got in. Since I had several friends over drinking beer listening on demos I also got the most comments on what they thought failed in the presentation or music.

One thing that we really saw when we listened to demos the other day is big of non-information that artists send in their mail.

Several of them contain stories like John, Peter and Tomas meet and formed the band 2010. Then In 2012 Johan left and was replaced by Anna. They released an Ep and then Anna left and was replaced by Camilla. Now we recording a new song and looking for a drummer to join us.

This information is really not relevant to us. We don’t care if you changed members and who it was. It better to just write the band started 2010. The part that you look for a drummer is also very common but not information that we want to know. Actually, it’s pretty bad information to give out. We are more looking on that you are not in your full swing and actually search for a component to make the setting whole. This means that we really can’t work fully with it. It’s actually better to not talk about it at all.

We also noted that many never wrote what they wanted? They mainly just sent off an email with their past bio and some links to songs. Don’t tell us anything about what they were expecting from us if we went to work with them. This is a huge mistake; it’s like showing up on a working place asking for employment and say that you can do anything. Sure in some case where you want to start from the real bottom, but even then it’s not that smart. It better walking in says, hey you want someone to do this and then explain what you can contribute with.

Don’t try to invent styles. We just laugh. Use your imagination to the songs not about describing it with words like This is like Elvis has a baby with Amphex Twins and then sold it to a cousin in Mumfords and Sons.

And also don’t promise it’s the best voice or guitar in the world. Out of 50 demos we got 22 best of something. Just that makes them not best. Actually, in these cases, they were far from the best.

So what do want to read about? Well the future, upcoming gigs, things you want to do that we should be a part of.

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