Tuesday, March 24, 2020

If you ain´t first, you´re last.

Why do everything just half? What’s the point of going to a just one day on a four-day conference? Why just write a perfect song and then record it on 8 track recorder with the wort possible sound? Or having not an ok song and then enter Abby Road and think they will fix the problem.

If you can’t afford the whole thing. Either don’t do it or put everything on the same level. I don’t know how many times I have gotten an artist approaching me with a recording for 10 000 dollars and I ask how much you will spend on PR? And they have spent all their budget on their recording.
Or artist that take all their money going on a showcase festival and can only stay there the night they play with no one else to pick up the contacts. And they spent all their money so they can’t even follow up any opportunity the festival actually gives them.

Too many don’t really get things done in full. They cut corners and think it will work. And, it’s actually doing the full job is the things that actually get you somewhere, the half-done job is just a waste of money.

Most are just waste money and time mainly because they don’t really want a career; they are in for the hobby fun. The problem for professionals is to try to separate these hobby people. And they are doing their best to disguise themselves, so it won’t be easy.  All the time I meet artists claiming they put in as fulltime and will go any lengths to get somewhere. I guess this is the first lie in so many cases.

To win a formula one race, you need to go full throttle. You can be a bit slow and just take it easy and then try to win the whole thing. Of course, you can’t go full throttle through the chicane then you crash. And you can’t go full speed and then stop and wait for a couple of moments to eat a burger. Most important you are NOT winning the race by yourself. Without the pitstop team and sponsors you really NOTHING.

Here a thing like this seems very obvious. In the music industry, it just seems lost. The most simple matter is hidden under that music is special and it’s about feelings and passion. No, it’s not. The formula one driver has a passion for driving and probably has done a hell of a lot of things to get to even race on that track. Stop pretending that we are special in any way. This is there act the same thing. If you are going to be at the top. You have want to be at the top. You really can’t do it halfway.

So, in the end I just quote Talladega Nights: If you ain´t first, you´re last.

Can we bring in the one that really wants something for a change? Not just the sing songwriter that feels that blue is not my color?

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